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Towns and Talons

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Author Comments

This is Towns and Talons, a game that's part merchandise tradeing game, part role playing fantasy game. It's not really that deep but it's kind of addicting to play. I realize, I'm not that great at making games yet, if you find any bugs, misspellings, glitches, or if you have any suggestions, let me know so I can try to fix it. thank you for playing (or at least reading the description).

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This game needs more to keep the player's attention. Make some enemies tougher, add more fun, and better graphics.

Zrugel responds:

Thanks for the advice, and for the review.

Has potential!

This type of "trading sim" game just asks to be compared with Frontier, in my opinion still the best on the site. Then again, consodering the fact that Towns and Talons is just roughly 3% in size, that would be kinda unfair.

First off a minor glitch I think I've found - maybe just read a description wrong, but to acquire the "Mistic" (meaning Mystic?) Fire Blade the wizard asks you to deliver another 25 units mystic ore, yet I had to gain 50, before I was eligible to equip the blade.
Other than that I'm quite amazed what you put into 162Kb: 11 locations, around a dozen enemies as far as I bothered counting, 4 trading goods, a basic quest system, even some sound effects. :)
The gameplay was smooth and easy, a little more challenge during the fights would be nice, there's almost no need to level up any trait (nor using any skill) of your character as long as you grab one of the weapons and upgrade your armor. Due to the only 4 goods earning money was a little too fast and easy and thus spoilt the fun slightly.

After playing your first submission Taihen Taipan, I can see a clear improvement - I do hope what you submitted here will see one or two updated sequels, with this as foundation and some more story (a set of subsequent main quests on a larger map would do, I guess) providing a long term motivation.

Regarding the minor spelling issues, I can send you a PM with those I found (mainly capitalization issues anyways) should I find the time this weekend.

Keep up the good work! 4/5
PS: Once you hit 5.2Mb, I *will* start comparing your game with Frontier ;)

Zrugel responds:

I am surprised at how thorough you are, thank you, color me impressed. I fixed the spelling of "mistic" fire sword, and I tried to reword the wizard's quest so that it's not so confusing, sorry about that. I don't know how, but I'm still finding misspellings.

Not bad.

I'll tell you what. It's actually not that bad. Kinda reminds of DOS games from the day. But you might want to fix the Vine ability. Because people can virtually keep clicking that and never have the enemy ever attack them.

I reckon you have it set to skip the enemies turn when it's used. Perhaps when it skips the enemies turn, you should have it disable that Vine ability for the next turn. Allowing you to take an extra turn, but also allowing the enemy to still fight back.

That's my suggestion.

Zrugel responds:

ok thank you, this was helpful. I think i fixed it, the player is no longer able to spam vines over and over. I hope this works better, and thank you.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2011
12:21 AM EDT

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