Warlocks Arena II

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Inspired by Warlock - Warcraft multiplayer map.

The rules are simple: kill a lot and die a little. You choose 4 spells and use them in the battles. There are hard ground, dangerous lava and mortal abyss on the Arena. Use your skills, dexterity and dodginess for killing your opponents!

Do not miss multiplayer mode!

Mouse: click where you wanna go or define direction for your spells.
A - Fire Spell
S - Lightning Spell
D - Ice Spell
F - Telekinesis Spell
+ and - - adjust sound volume
Have fun!

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someone playing ? Go Go multiplayer ;DD

It's quite entertaining (which believe was your objective)

it is pretty fun

First of all i hate the controls ..
i suggest ASDW movement Mouse for aiming and 1234 for skills ..
i like a music .. like in warcraft music special .

When you put Warcraft in the name people like it.

Alright, let's face it...the quality of gameplay was just too poor for me to even attempt playing. As far as character customization goes there is only "pick a color" (we aren't playing an RTS here!) and of course choose your stats. What about armor or staffs or equipment to boost character performance? Maybe even some spells to choose from for maximum customization. How about leveling up and choosing which specific spells to upgrade with upgrade trees that unlock more advanced casting.

Also the descriptions for the available classes were horrid! We need something that explains how their abilities work and what differs between that class and another. How about some weaknesses and strengths?

I'm sorry, but this game was just far too dull for my taste. It is hard to believe there ever was a Warlock I.

0/5 and 0/10.

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3.95 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2011
7:02 PM EDT