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Journey Is Destination

rated 2.98 / 5 stars
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Sep 19, 2011 | 7:47 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hey, i made this platformer. Its meant to convey the idea that often the actions required to achieve a given goal are more rewarding than the goal itself. For example, in the case of a computer game the playing and improving can be more fun than the satisfaction of having finished the game. Hence 'the journey is the destination'. I think its an interesting take on the heros journey, in a classic, retro styled platformer. I hope you enjoy it!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Too many things to actually summarize

I don't think this is really retro. But then again, I'm too young to be nostalgic so I don't specially like retro.

This was actually made with Flixel, default images and already recorded music, so I can only guess neither controls nor graphics nor sounds were that hard to take and put together. On the other hand, the (presumably) little effort put in a work shouldn't matter if the work is actually good.

I like, however, the idea it presents. I'm not crazy about the fact that the idea appears in the description below and not in the actual game (which without the title and description would be somewhat regular). But the description certainly makes me play the game with another mood, watching it in a new angle.

The difficulty of it makes you impatient. I myself couldn't leave it alone until I finished it, felt I was somehow incomplete if I didn't get to see the end, which goes against the notion that the journey is the destination. But, for little moments, I think I felt it. I think I actually thought it wasn't that important to win, when I was enjoying the playing.

So there goes my positive review, because I don't know if you accomplished it, but you sure tried to question the oh so established rule that all games without exception are defined by having an ultimate goal the player has to reach.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Redefining "Retro"

When I start out my daily quota of reviewing games by playing one of this quality, it does not bode well for the others.

This game lacks polish, direction, and discipline. I don't read comments before I play the game, so as not to influence my decision, but I knew what I was getting into when I read the hastily put together prologue that broke the fourth wall two times. The gameplay itself is tedious and repetitive. The levels are merely black dots that your green block can slide on. I say slide because, although I'm sure this was intentional, the sliding makes your character look sloppy. At many times, when I tried to make a precise jump, the sliding through me off when I landed.

The game itself lacks polish and is not as you say "retro". Your definition of retro seems to be anything that looks blocky. When the coins first I appeared I grabbed all of them in the area and then move on. After the third room, I gave up, collecting coins became a chore and I was happy to welcome the embrace of death with no extra lives. Also, the difficulty of this game wildly flailed around. The first room with enemies in it has about 20 of the red squares moving at speeds much faster than your own block in tight spaces.

Conclusion: This is not a retro game. Cheap physics and multitudes of enemies coupled with lackluster graphics do not make a game. This has no story, no point, and no place on newgrounds. --Nightmarish

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Molto male

Sono italiano e perciò prendete google traduttore e traducete.
Il gioco no mi è piaciuto la meccanica e scadente e se volete giocare a un gioco retrò giocate a super mario bros crossover


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I personally found this game very dull and not enjoyable. But I also understand why some people really like what you've done, what with patience being the key and all. I'm not giving you 1 or 0, that would just be cruel, but I give a five, because i still like the concept, but not the game itself.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dont listen to the haters

This game is a flawless example of what someone could accomplish when they take the time. Sure its a bit lackluster, but so is about 99% of all games on Newgrounds. So to all you haters out there: nut up or shut up.