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Journey Is Destination

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Hey, i made this platformer. Its meant to convey the idea that often the actions required to achieve a given goal are more rewarding than the goal itself. For example, in the case of a computer game the playing and improving can be more fun than the satisfaction of having finished the game. Hence 'the journey is the destination'. I think its an interesting take on the heros journey, in a classic, retro styled platformer. I hope you enjoy it!

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Not what I expected.

I don't usually comment or rate on this site, but this I had to commen upon.

I thought this was going to be one of those art games, where there is some kind of hidden message being told, I am not sure what the correct word for it would be. Instead, I got this:

The most simplest platform game I have ever played, movement keys + jump, collect coins.

Now, first let's get to the game mechanism. Goal is to gain score by gathering coins, which give you extra lives after collecting, what I think is, 20 coins.
Problem is, that's way too high amount considering the amount of coins + the danger involved to get most of them.

At least half of the coins are in places where there is a hazard just waiting for you to actually try and get the coin. When I saw the spikes with coins between then, I instantly though "Oh no no no, I am NOT going there" for I would be more than likely to lose a live or two while gathering them.

See, the game is simply too hard for all the wrong reasons.

- In the level where there were red blocks circling the long rooms where, if you fell, you wouldn't get out, I lost 2 lives in 3 seconds. I fell down and killed myself, only to find myself dying AGAIN because I was so close to pit after respawn and still holding right arrow button. So I fell back down to the pit. There needs to be some pause between dying to prevent this.

- Also, controls are bad. When you stop moving, your character keeps sliding a bit. It becomes a problem because of high accuracy you need to have in order to land on little platforms.

- No checkpoints? Pretty much nonody is going to replay this again after dying and having to start all over again. I know I wouldn't have if I wouldn't have completed the game with first try.

- Why so simple? (No Joker-pun intended)

- And most importantly, where was the message? By your own words: "For example, in the case of a computer game the playing and improving can be more fun than the satisfaction of having finished the game. Hence 'the journey is the destination'."
The game completely lacked what you were trying to do. After having so hard time collecting coins and keeping falling down having to backpedal areas to be able to get to higher ground plus the time it took to complete even one area with hazards, I was GLAD the game was finally over. Ironically, I think it should be the other way around.

Rating: 1/5, 3/10

I don't know what their problem is...

This game was simple, and I found myself addicted, if only for the fact that I wanted to beat it out of frustration from missing a tiny platform lol. It could have used a little more work, like on the main sprite, but to be honest, the learning curve wasn't steep and I enjoyed playing it. A good time waster.

The music was nice. When you do something right, people will be sure you haven't done anything at all. I played through 4 stages with the music, then had to mute it and it felt wrong.

good but

frustrating, i kno its been said before but you gotta get rid of the slide

Too sensitive

I'm sorry, but the player piece is too sensitive. I feel like it slides and flies when I play. I'm pretty good at classical platformers, but I was falling everywhere in the second stage already. Just fix your mechanics.

im givin 3 cause of 1 reason each point taken off

1 platforms to small
2.movements are oversensative
3.no check points
4.20 coins a life will only save ya a little while longer
5.takes a lot of work to get through so little of the game
6.its to boring not any music or purpose
7.no matter how far you go your not gonna want to play again after having to restart through all the work youve done.