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Lost on the Lost Planet

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Set out for a bouncy adventure in "Lost on the Lost Planet" and take control of a young astronaut with a broken propulsion suit. Finish all 22 levels to get safely back to your ship. The game features beautiful artwork and innovative and fun game-play.

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its okay. made me feel seasick though ;/

2 Easy

Its not that interesting,the levels are too easy (Sometimes) and the end was funny :D

I like this pattern of the game.

During the kid is jumping, his legs & arms are moving smoothly.
and background image is impressive.
but I'd like you put another sound effects here,
instead of putting little some boring music like this............sorry.

Bad execution of a bad idea

The visual style is nice. The game is pretty, mostly.

The central mechanic of the game, that you can't stop jumping, I guess could work, maybe. It's just so poorly executed. The controls feel loose, timing becomes far more complicated because the right time to jump might come while you're falling, and, worst of all, the camera keeps changing. I like the style, but the game is just unpleasant to look at because the graphics keep undulating.

I say I guess the mechanic could work, but it feels like the levels had to be really simple and boring to compensate for making the timing more complicated. It's just not an idea I feel has a lot of merit.

Ok, but not great.

This game is far more frustrating than it should be, and it really doesn't seem that exciting. I think if the levels were more interesting, with more different types of objects, it could be a lot better.

Still interesting concept, nice artwork, so good job!