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Delivery Man

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Hey Guys !

This is our new game, Delivery Man !
An action-packed defense game in post-apocalyptic wasteland with tons of upgrades and guns !




A bit of an odd glitch

after the first boss, I went to look at the upgrades, see what I could get. I accidentally clicked the PlayHub Link, and it gave me the achivement for kill 500 enemies, still good

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To SensitiveJerk

1. If you dont like the music than dont listen to it. also it's more of a matter of opinion, you might think it blows while somebody else might listen to stuff like this daily. And theres plenty of movies that take place in a desert with this kinda music.

2. Each weapon for each game is usually diffrent for the other players.

3. I feel like they might've been trying to go for a bit of a realistc look i mean some guns in real life aren't as accurate as others and also if a really stong gun had amazing accuracy there'd be no challenge to it.

4. there are plenty of games out there with only 5 enemies. I mean if mario only had one level there'd only be like two different enemies.

5. Like somebodies gonna make like 100 missions, but i mean theres not that many games on newgrounds that have alot more than 50. I mean i think that 50 levels is more than enough. Also it's still got stuff you can level up and achievments to get. wich brings me to my next point.

6. Again achievments are a matter of opinion wether theyr'e good or not.

7. Iiiii don't really think they cared about dialogue. i mean if they wanted to have some big long speech about how there gonna fight each other and blah blah blah they might've used mic's or somthing like a recording. usually the only time they really need good dialogue is if there's gonna be a story to it and this game is more for just a game. Not a story about how you have to get this delivery to it's destanation to avenge his father no it's just a game dude.

I could go on and on and on and wright an entire book like you but i have better things to do like enjoy playing this game. and guy, if you don't like the game rate it and say what they should change. Frankly i think you spend a little to much time on newgrounds to get so angry about a game and how your going to burst into a flame yada yada but i think you just might need to take a chill pill.

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Well I played it

well i played it and you have all the magic there....but, not enough wow factor... i mean i or anyone can play the first few levels.. which is as far as most of us will go... playing the game by barely aiming with the mouse and clicking the fire button, a bit mindless but wrecklessly destructive which i like the destructive part... I know and see that your onto something but SHE needs polishing and a little more forethought. i don't hate this I like the concept but also when you give people the option on newgrounds to size up the window you should compensate your back and foreground images or just dont give us the option to increase image window size.
keep it up you did good... NOW DO BETTA ;)

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Good game, but shat upon mercilessly.

I love the graphics, the way it's a defense game, and the upgrades... and that's it!

-Music blows
-Only like, 5 different enemies
-Upgrades are too crappy for their cost
-Some weapons are completely useless
-Achievements blow
-No point in getting the mission objectives (headshots, combo)
-50 missions? Are you kidding me?

The music gets fucking annoying. I'm not hanging 10 on a surfboard, I'm killing anything that moves towards me. Goddamn, that's annoying as hell.

It took until around mission 15 to actually see all the different enemy types - all four of them. A motorcycle guy, a flying guy, a harder motorcycle guy, a two-man armored car, and the ever-loving suicidal bomber. If not for the flyers, I could pass 90% of the game by just holding down fire. THAT is how stupid this game can be.

Accuracy fucking sucks, I said it before but I need to say it again. The AK47 rifle is the best, but things like the 50 cal are simply too chaotic. Even fully upgraded to 90%, you have to aim wildly and scream at your fucking monitor, saying "WHY WON'T MY BULLETS HIT THAT FUCKING BOMBER BEFORE IT HITS ME" and you explode into a fiery death, your remains smoldering as well as your desire to play any further.

Easiest way to have fun while having some difficulty - stick with the bolt action. Aim for headshots. When things get hairy, double-tap spacebar and you don't have to worry about delay between shots.

Bosses are just as easy as regular enemies. Just keep firing and you'll hit them sooner or later. The dialogue between them is reeeeetarded.

This game should have been 20 missions MAX. 50 is just saying "oh look how fucking lazy I am to make just FIVE ENEMIES TOTAL so I'll just add a bunch more mindless missions to give it a feeling of completeness, and while I'm at it, make money gain extremely slow". No, just no.

Achievements, "extras", and more than half of the weaponry = completely useless and pointless.

Bugs: When you get to the end of your mission and wait for that last enemy to linger around, another will appear. When that happens, you end up not finishing your mission and just fight a near endless amount of cyclefags until the game finally decides to let the mission end. It says it autosaves, what a lie. You have to manually save.

This game needs vast improvements. Pretty much everything in the game is an insult to the -really really- good graphics.

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4.01 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2011
1:26 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed