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The latest chapter in TomSka's insane asdfmovie saga.

Created by TomSka and animated by Wonchop with music by Todd Bryanton and guest voices from Eddsworld, Egoraptor, Knox and more.



Very entertaining animation, however the jokes become stale near the end.
Click Wonchop's goggles at the end for a bonus scene!! :D

Freakin' awesome!

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. It was incredibly simple, but there were some hilarious jokes that made it work really well. Great job Wonchop and Tomska (and lilDeuceDeuce for that kick-ass song)!


4th sequel and still as good

oh man

i miss you asdf a lot haha very funny

Good voices, good animating, poor humor.

I'm not amused with this incarnation of Asdfmovie. While it had a lot going for it, by the end I was pretty disappointed. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Animation: Keeping it simple, I see. I usually prefer more color but it got the job done. Nice and smooth.

Sound: Good voice acting! I found the voices to be mostly fitting. Sound effects were good too.

Humor: The flash got started off well. I found the minefield gag pretty funny, but most of the others just felt forced. After a few gunshots to the faces of random people, it got old and stale. There is very little replay value unless slapstick and all of that stuff appeals to you. All of this went downhill fast. I found the cheese joke to be especially forced.

Overall, the animating was good but it was kind of hard to watch. I feel that the whole "Random" humor is just not very funny. There were some good jokes, yes, but they were overshadowed by bad jokes. Some things just were downright unfunny, and that really took away from the good parts.

4 out of 10, and 2 out of 5. I hope you improve on this flash in the future. The potential is there.

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4.43 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2011
7:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Original