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Action - Shooter - Fixed

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Sep 18, 2011 | 5:43 PM EDT

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---- NEWS ----

The sequel to Zombocalypse is in development, but we need your help to fund it on! You'll get really cool awards for backing the project like a free copy of the game, t-shirts, posters, and even your face IN the game. Together we can make this game a reality!

Zombocalypse Kickstarter:


The zombocalypse has just begun. Survival is futile.

Fight off hordes of zombies in this chaotic arcade style game! Gain experience, unlock cool new weapons, call in ally support, and more.

---- DEV NOTE ----

Thanks Tom + NG team for the front page! It's my first, and a new milestone for me. Moreover, much love to the NewGrounds community, you guys are simply awesome.

Visit to for cheatcodes :]

---- CONTROLS ----
SPACE: Use Weapon
DOWN: Pick up crate (hold to drop weapon)
UP: Call in Support (at 25,50,100 killcombo)
SHIFT: Pause the game
note: Lefties can use WASD controls on the fly!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great, but a few minor tweaks and it'd be perfect.

It fully deserves the daily feat. tho.
Anyway, things I love;
-The HUGE choices of weapons
-The Dual pistols was pretty sick
-The Assault Rifle + is a great weapon in a pinch
-The support attacks were awesome
-The cheats really helped, but the game wasn't so difficult as to require them
-The upgrade system with exp being awarded after you die, depending on how well you did, coupled with the fact that that exp unlocks you shit is a rather new technique I'm seeing lately is so fucking obvious and works so well its painful.

Things to improve on;
-The drop time for weapons; it just ain't long enough for me. Now, I think the time for each weapon could vary, as for any other weapon other than the pistol, I felt myself sitting next to a crate unloading the gun off-screen, until I ran out of ammo or the crate was about to disappear. Which brings me to....
-Making the screen bigger. I know that it may defeat the purpose of the sniper a bit, as one of its main things is being able to fire off-screen. But, with a bigger screen, you could make weapons become drastically less accurate as they go further than they usually would. This would at least make me feel as if my bullets I'm firing, before the crate I'm standing next to disappears, actually accomplish something.
-More than one death-animation for the zombies. The headshot thing is awesome, but gets repetitive fast. Now, I think one of the guns, the MFG I believe, does vaporize them completely, but I mean, c'mon.

So, overall, you have a great core engine, and lots of creativity in an overly-used theme. The game is fucking fun, but a little bit of extras could make it rawk the fuck out.

Random Tips:
Pistols, if you have one, and another is on the ground, think about your situation. If it is dire, and you need to fuck zombies up, grab and dual-wield. If you are holding your own, wait till' you have one bullet left, grab then dual-wield. Now, if you have pistol+, then this next method is rare, but helps quite a bit; use up all the bullets in your first pistol, then grab the second one. You have way more ammo this way, but slower kill-rate. If the zombies are thinned, then you will end up killing more this way.
I'm not gonna tell you them, cuz' that'd take traffic from his site. But, the place to enter cheat codes is the red skull in the pause menu.

Thanks a whole-fuckin' bunch for reading, and go fuck some zombies up!
Sjs00, out!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

got over 1703 kills

awesome game, keep up the good work. like someone else said the only issue is the get rid of the gun down arrow . wish it was another button. it gets insane after 1500 zombies

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


This game is spectacularly simple. Love the art style and gameplay. The progress system was a nice implement, only thing that kept me playing.

My reign ended at 7016 kills while holding the MFG. Intense fight throughtout.
Great job with this game. Keep pursuing these creations.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


i hear famialiar music.cantquite put my finger on it. i think its from a cod game maybe.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was an awesome game :D but it got nearly impossible after I killed over 600 zombies x.x so everyone watch out when you kill over 600 zombeis x.x

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