Eye for an Eye

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It's the year 1983. The future seems grim because the United States of America and Soviet Union are at war. This movie is based on true events. Enjoy


I really felt the tension!

Good work on the scenes in the bunker. They were paced well and had a real feeling of dread. I didn't fully get the ending but it wasn't enough to undo the rest.... great work! and an interesting departure from your previous work

Proper graphics, strange story

First of all, kudos for your work!

Yes, some of the animation may be a bit crude, but all in all I like your style. Especially the scenes inside the underground bunker, which show us the growing loneliness and boredom of Stanislav Petrov, are very good.
I totally disagree with the committee, as much as you do, about the passing days, you used a typical way to show that, I guess every viewer understood that immediately. And it doesn't look a bit like South Park to me!

Nice soundtrack but I missed some voice acting, guess that would have helped. The only real weakness of this flashmovie is the storyline. Using a pseudo-historicial story is fine for me, but when you start with "Thanks for preventing WWIII" the final scene makes little to no sense, right?
I don't wanna spoil the movie for anyone, but the entire end seemed to be to rushed for me, it doesn't fit to the calm and silent undertone of the moive so far.

Nonetheless, I like this, and If you ever make a director's cut with a differnet ending and some voice acting I promise to vote higher!


This animation has some problems, when I refer to problems I'm not talking about the form itself but about some concepts and historiography

Great Effort

And your use of music and sound effects worked very well. Good story and tension building. Keep it up Mr. Porter!

It's good

The animation was a bit stiff at times, and it wasn't the most dramatic thing I've ever seen, but overall it was good. I can tell you put some effort into this.

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2011
3:34 PM EDT