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Snozzwangs Manic Creation

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This is a movie I have been working on for some time. I tried to incorporate action,humor and a story to it so it would appeal to all.

For all of you that will probably ask, the Snozzwang is a character I made up in 5th grade. I couldn't think of a costume, so I dressed myself in whatever I could find and that's what you see in the animation.

To all you reviewers who think that I should change the Snozzwang, forget it. I don't want to go against 3 years of tradition. you just can't do it. It's one of my personal treasures, so yeah. Stay cool, stay with tradition (and school).

Bon Appetit!

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oh man

Oh man that sucked.



thats great!

the animation added with sound effects is really good! its like a loony toons cartoon! GR8!

What a Great Flash

Wow! I am impressed. Animation was great (not like 'studio' quality, but it was still great. So were the effects you had in there. Kepp the great shit up man! All my 5 are belong to this!! One thing though. Do add more sound! Damn good job.


Either the other two writers of the previous reviews never saw naked females of the human race, or they jack off to every FLASH! movie on NG...
Some mysteries remain unsolved... Anywho...
I like this one. Kind of a story, some scenes were good for a laugh or two... Not bad!
But... ehrm... ditch the Mousey-ears. I hate Fantasia spin-offs. Really. Ditch 'em.

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4.03 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2002
5:51 AM EDT