S.A.M.E.RPG (Demo) Fixed

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Woot fixed the game sooooo NO MORE BEING ABLE TO CHEAT! xD
hope you like the demo!! any suggestions let me know in your comments! the next levels have a little bit "more" mouse space but.. they also have worms goblin hands and spike traps to stop you instead! xD also, working on a better "start" frame.. So, that arts gonna be WAAYYY better! Also, working on a live action game "Battle Quest" which I'm currently (C) if you want you can request I put my keolamation animation logo or, my mechanicalmaham logo somewhere in my new flashes so, they are more of "mine" well thanks for reading! laters! bye :)

EDIT:the wolf howling is looping after death menu.. anyone know how to stop that?

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btw you can still cheat just right click and you move to the end part and left click.......just letting ya know

stopAllSounds(); might help you. Also replay button isn't working. I can still cheat by having a small screen and moving my cursor off the edge of the screen onto a toolbar. If I could replay I could check if I could have dragged a small window over the center of the game to cheat. You might want to check that too. Never mind started it over by right-clicking and pressing play, which also lets me skip levels. Yay, more cheating. Also window thing works for cheating.


But needs lots of work. The whole right click thing, positioning of the blockers at the edges of the start area (I'll keep dying and retrying over and over if my mouse isn't in the EXACT right spot), and the replay at the end does nothing, click on it and nada.

Work on it and do some research on how to fix the glitches/problems.


this is just one of hundrets of mouse avoider games + right click cheat works

keolamation responds:

just like thousands of live action games??? and like, one of the millions of flash parodies out there??? hmmm seeing a paddern yet??

You can still cheat.

All you have to do is right click, move the mouse, and then left click at the exit.

I'd say it's getting there, keep trying.

keolamation responds:

its impossible to fix the right click cheat in a browser game.. so, just try to play legit..

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Sep 18, 2011
2:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other