Hood Episode 1

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Thanks so much Newgrounds, for the frontpage and all the support, it means a lot to me. You guys rock, and thanks Tom!

Hey guys, hope you dig it.
-Space Bar mutes the game.

Q: This game is too short? What's the deal?
A: I just ran out of space, but I plan on releasing sequels quickly, with as short a wait as possible between episodes. Hopefully this will compensate. I'm a firm believer of quality over quantity, I'd rather my games be short and interesting rather than long and boring, if possible. ^_^

Q: Stuck at the fog.
A: You can also combine items, you have to combine three items to get past the fog.

Q: Did you work on Alice is Dead?
A: Yes, I co-created it.

Q: I'm stuck at the wolf's head, where he's just starring at me.
A: That should be fixed, there is an arrow in the upper right corner, it is black. Click it. Sorry, wolf's kinda a pain that way. :P


Red Riding Hood and the Big Good Wolf?

I really like point and click games, because they always focus more on the plot and they're also short enought to play almost anytime you want. This game is one of the beast of the sort I have played in a while. I loved the fairy tale-like athmosphere, it reminded me of the Gretel and Hansel-series.

The story is also nice, and the puzzles were not too complicate to solve. I'm really not the most patient sort so I often have to use walkthrough atleast once. While playing this one, I didn't. I also thank you about the fact that there wasn't a single number-based puzzle. I really hate those.

The world of the game is created well and it has many nice details. The diaries work well for the story and were not too long to read. The art looks good and I especially liked the look of that spirit in the woods.

Overall, this is a stunning game. The only problems are its length (but I know that this is just the first episode and you'll keep bringing us more) and those annoying description bars VitaminX mentioned. Still, I think this is your best game so far. Great job, work hard for the sequel too!

I love games like these

The music was awesome.... I hated how I had to click "close" every time a description popped up when I clicked on objects. SPOILER ALERT = I thought the cricket under the bed was brilliant because the only way you'd know it was there is if you actually read the diary on the desk.

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Hyptosis responds:

Thanks! I'll fix the close thing in future installments I promise.


shprt and sweet love it ! loved alice series too ! looking forward to the next in the series : ) @aquamanter thats the whole point of point and click games guess what you point and click ! if all items were visible it would be way too easy ! quit bitching bitch !

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Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much!


Very god job! I will be waitind the part 2!

Hyptosis responds:


nice try

The screen could be bigger. I like the art, but the game somehow doesnt entertain me.

Hyptosis responds:

Nice try. Your comment could be longer. I like english, but your comment somehow doesn't use it, correctly.

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Sep 17, 2011
7:42 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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