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SEAL 85 is a third person shooter where you have to survive as long as possible. The game has loads of smart AI enemy's that work as a team, weapons, upgrades, special effects and endless waves.

One of the cool things about this game, is that the AI's are really smart and work like a team. Next to that, there are loads of gameplay changing features like smoke grenades, enemies entering through the windows, all kinds of weapons, enemies tank plan, enemies line plan, stun grenades and more!

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Good work on this one

i killd 82 of them and died. rate game.


Definitely missing some key elements,like a cover system. I dont know what blocks bullets and what doesnt,which is annoying because I then had to constantly move around,which subtracts from realism. Found the AI to not be that smart,as only a few would go after me while the rest watched. And this confused me-Why did they suddenly form a giant rotating ring? Again,subtracts from realism and makes me scratch my head how that got put into the game.