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Portal2 Turret soundboard

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I wanted to do this soundboard for a long time. though its not fancy in any way, its simple and easy to use. I saw no one give a effort to produce a portal 2 soundboard, so I decided it was my time to make one.

This took me awhile and I am happy to be releasing it to everyone. I am still very new to creating soundboards, so I am proud of this one in particular. Leave a comment and thoughts on my soundboard.

This soundboard only features the turrets! if you like this soundboard and want me to create one of GLaDOS, wheatley and the corrupted cores then please leave a comment and I will try to make them as soon as possible!!


Its Awesome i love robotic Things u did Great 5 stars? more like 500,000 stars lol

this game is a fantastic game for portal fans and there are a couple quotes that even i never heard!

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can I use this in a link to my fave things?(the link is gonna be on my deviantart

very nice indeed

very funny phrases. i would really like to see on of wheatley plz!!

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Very good but the Oracle Turret should have been separated from the normal turrets. I would really like to see a soundboard for GLaDOS, POTaTOS, Wheatley, Space Sphere, Adventure Sphere, Fact Sphere, Cave Johnson and Caroline.

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2011
3:15 AM EDT
Gadgets - Soundboards