Sleepy Stu's Adventure

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Help Sleepy Stu to get his well deserved peaceful rest in this platform game. 50+20 levels. Selectable skills, 3 moral paths to follow, 3 endings!


i wonder, is there a way to switch/select faster between the skill? and sometimes i got stuck on the block but thats fine we alwys can click the "R" button.
other than that, the game greats~ :P

Pretty good, kept me entertained

The whole "miniscule movement" thing has already been mentioned, so I won't bring it up again.

I am having one problem with the final upgrade. The description was either "flying upgrade or destructive tool". Is there something you actually have to choose? The first time I played, I got the flying one, but the second time I'm not flying, just attacking, if you get my hint. Did I do something wrong, or is there a button I have to press?

An outstanding game, loved every moment.

Terrible hit detection though...it is easy to die just by BEING next to thorns.

Excellent but frustating

I loved the puzzle aspects of this game. Getting through a level challenged your platforming skills as much as your puzzle solving skills.

Until the later levels, that is. At that point the game became too much about precision jumping that the game sprinted across the line between challenging and broken-keyboard-frustrating. I think the main issue is that the controls are not quite precise enough, it was very difficult to position yourself right in between spikes consistently. And speaking of those damn spikes, I feel that if the hitbox or whatever on the spikes was relaxed a bit, the game would be so much more enjoyable.

One final issue I had was the fact that you couldn't double jump out of a fall, a minor annoyance that grew into a major one after repeated tries on a level and reverting to habits from other games.

Enough bad though. I really liked the peaceful music and the art style was a good mix of charming and subdued. The levitation and the ceiling sticking made for some very clever and original (too me at least) puzzles. The part where you had to select which skills to use in a level was also very fun if a bit short.

Overall a very enjoyable game. I only saw one ending and I doubt my keyboard or sanity could survive trying to see the rest.

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I have one question.

If he is looking for somewhere to fall asleep, why does he fall asleep if you dont move for 5 seconds?

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4.24 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2011
4:41 PM EDT
Adventure - Other