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There is no preloader in this so if it doesn't play right, right-click the screen and uncheck "Play"

This is my Halloween project I'm doing when I'm not doing homework for my college courses. I read "cupcakes" against my better judgement and enjoyed it (to an extent). I saw that no one made an actual film about it. Just trailers and a bunch of clips from the show taken out of context. I'm trying my hand at something I know nothing about and experimenting with different visuals akin to what they did for Samurai Jack.

If you guys have comments or suggestions, I'd love to read them. There's a news post on my page with more details about this project.


Wish has been answered. Questions. May b a Fan.

I have been looking for a this film and no luck. Someone on youtube told me to look on Newgrounds..I found this. I'm so impressed and excited! Please don't give my hopes and dreams up by not finishing..Idc how long it takes I will wait. I have this page on my favorites and made an account just to see the film that i've been looking for.
Please Keep me updated. e.e I'm already a little fan. I'm only 19, I'm hoping I don't end up 40 to find there is no Cupcake film.. ;-;
Thank you for putting thought into making this. I appreciate it so much! People on youtube wanted me to find out if there really was a short film about cupcakes..Well, I pasted the site onto youtube. And yeah.. I'm sure you would be famous. Ayway, the questions. Who would you have be the voices? How do you plan on making the entire skit(story) Will their be a flash back about the griffin (pinky tourtred and ate the bird like griffin.) Do you understand anything about the numbers? How Did Pinky know cupcakes were so good using ponies and other living creatures?..I guess that would take out the story idk. I'll be greatful with what you come up with. I'm greatful already that someone has put thought into making the video..It would rock if it came out on christmas. OH there should be a cupcake series like..a cupcake christmas special xD idk..

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I wanna go home.

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I knew someone else was going to go for this, I've been lucky so far that so few have tried. Looks like you'll make yours way before me too. Guess that means I just gotta try even harder to make sure mine is the ultimate Cupcakes Flash movie. onto the Flash itself, the animations didn't seem especially great, but the art was decent. I look forward to seeing how this'll look.

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MikeandTreyVideo responds:

Hope to see yours too. Saw some of your stuff. tis good.

I've been doing a lot of cleaning up since I released this trailer and I'm half-ashamed that i even posted this trailer compared to what I've done. I managed to find a guy who made backgrounds that put mine to shame, so I have that going for me at least.

Oh.... my....

That was....


Oh.... that was....



*Flies off*

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But This must be Done for Science. I will watch it though The Fan Fic Cupcakes truly disturbed me. good luck brony

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