Anime fight!

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front page ...thanks


ha ha so true. Thats pretty much the way it is!

Sad but true. The build up before a fight can be exhausting to watch. however its usually filled with a lot of talking. They talk you to death before the fight even begins.

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Their faces

That was the only thing that got my attention, other then that, a waste of my time

Ok, this was actually funny and all, but it was too short! I find it funny, but by the title 'Anime fight' there should of been a brief deadly fight! This was done perfectly, but this is rated E right? Well I don't think it should be rated E, only because of showing the girl's boobs and a naked person is inappropriate but this is pretty impressive! Nice work!

its nice but this is really true

i remember this fight (goku vs frieza) the took like 20 minutes. when frieza made a energy bomb to explode this planet in 5 minutes, and while clock is ticking and they fight to the death until like 3 episodes later or more the countdown is extended to over 15 minutes. and they just fight and BLABLMABLABMBAMABBMAMB-blablabla and then fight and blabla fight blabla fight blabla.
and other anime is also the same, like yugioh and naruto, is just "lemembel, blablablablablababla" and then fighting next episode 5 minutes blablabla and 2 minutes action. a pain in the ass when i watched naruto ON TV. why are they do this ? why not JUST SHUT UP AND FIGHT!
okay by the way nice animation and nice boobs, i like the face expression and stuff, and lol at gokus hair and that pussy. NICE flash =)

I feel left out...

this is much, much better than anything I could even dream of creating in Flash... but I'm struggling to see why it was ranked so high. Was the animation that good (when compared to the other top entries?)? What was with the cutting to the shot of the bust every 5 seconds? I hope at least one other person could agree with me on this. I thought the sound was very good and the general pace of the cartoon was done very well. I hope this review doesn't get taken as a completely negative one, I just really wasn't that impressed :(. Sorry.

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Sep 15, 2011
11:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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