Kill The Rabbit

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I've been working on this game, on and off, for a while now... I think I can say it's just about finished... I'm still unsure about the difficuilty...
once I have that sorted out (based on responses here) I will rewrite the code to make it more efficient, and maybe add plot (cutscenes)...
press 'a' to fire... don't tap 'a', you can only fire one shell at a time, and you have to time it (you'll see what I mean)
anyway, enjoy!


0 the worst game ever

My 3 years son make a game better
Jogo besta
Jogo de coco podre lixo sem graca

Yes Sir I liked it :)

It was a fun cute little game. I saw your link to it on the bbs. The only problem I found was that the rabbit's carrot missles damage you slighty before the even touch you but thats it great job!

MetaphorcE responds:

"It was a fun cute little game."

Thank you sir, that's all it was meant to be :D
(in other words I can't be bothered making the carrots more accurate)

BTW, your site is REALLY kewl!!
But I am afraid I cannot join you.
"Gumby. Gumby is the devil and must be destroyed without mercy."
That goes against my religious beliefs.


That was a completly boring and pointless game!

MetaphorcE responds:

yep... sure was!
(I don't totally agree with boring though...)

To easy...

There are far to many bugs, but i'll beta test it if you want, also read my Evil Wing :Demo review.

I bet everyone else said the same as me...

the problem, in my opinion, is the tank keeps blowing up when the carrot is still halfway downrange. Also, the bunny blows up from shots that are nowhere near bullseyes.

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3.17 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2002
12:59 AM EDT
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