Crystal Story

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Explore 7 5 Points

Explore 7 floors

Om Nom 5 Points

Feed your pet 5 food items

The King of Slime 5 Points

Defeat King Slime

Warp 7 5 Points

Discover 7 warps

Agent Defender 10 Points

Beat Zombie Defense on Hard

Armory Master 10 Points

Upgrade equipment 20 times

Be Like Paper 10 Points

Defeat Rock

Bop on the Head 10 Points

Defeat Bop

Explore 15 10 Points

Explore 15 floors

Fighting Love 10 Points

Spend 30 points on the Fighter Tech Tree

Heal Please 10 Points

Spend 30 points on the Healer Tech Tree

Hunter 10 Points

Collect 20 types of monsters in the Bestiary

Level 10 10 Points

Have one character reach level 10

Level 25 10 Points

Have one character reach level 25

Level 5 10 Points

Have one character reach level 5

Mage Mastery 10 Points

Spend 30 points on the Mage Tech Tree

Rare 10 Points

Defeat one of the three rare monsters in the game

Rich Person 10 Points

Acquire a total of 50,000 Gold

Rock and Rawr 10 Points

Defeat Rock Twice

Rogue Squadron 10 Points

Spend 30 points on the Rogue Tech Tree

Stuffed! 10 Points

Feed your pet 30 food items

Warp 15 10 Points

Discover 15 warps

Well I Didn't Vote For You 10 Points

Defeat 5 Kings in the Wanted List

What, No Gravy? 10 Points

Defeat Bop Twice

Beastmaster 25 Points

Complete the Bestiary

Expert Defense 25 Points

Beat Zombie Defense on Expert

Explore 30 25 Points

Explore 30 floors

Kingslayer 25 Points

Defeat all the Kings in the Wanted List

Level 50 25 Points

Have one character reach level 50

Missing Cat 25 Points

Complete the MISSING quest line

Slayers Dargon 25 Points

Defeat Dargon

Stolen Hearts 25 Points

Complete the STOLEN quest line

Warp 30 25 Points

Discover all warps

Ultimate Slayers Dargon 50 Points

Defeat Ultimate Dargon

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

<-- Check out development news for Crystal Story II (Click my profile)

Also check out our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/CrystalStoryGame

Edit: Mobile version can be found here:

Crystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You control four characters and configure what skill sets they learn along the way. You can earn equipment upgrades that will help you traverse through Evil Cave by destroying monsters or playing minigames.

Whoa thanks for the reviews! I love you guys! :D

Edit: I have been hearing a lot about save files recently. You can backup your save files here:
C:\Users(username)\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\FlashPlayer\#SharedObjects\(so me number)\uploads.ungrounded.net\579000\579445_rpg.swf
The file names should be rdgDataSlot(number)

Clearing cookies and/or cache will delete saves.

Also check out: (Awesome Art!)

Expert Defense :P

Game has been updated:
v1.1.1 (9-30-11)
Features added:
- added a mute button on the title screen

v1.1.0 (9-28-11)
Features added:
- Gamble shop (Players can now buy random equipment using gold)

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed a crash when opening the menu while engaging a monster
- Fixed characters being able to cast skills while silenced
- Gold recieved from wanted monsters should now be rewarded properly
- Fixed a bug where mp can be greater than max mp
- Character stats should now update when changing equipment

Balance Changes:
- Slightly increased the price of armor upgrades


Great Game

where can i find my slime pet?

Also great game.

I love this thing

I'd like to see an autobattle button so I didn't have to click attack over and over.

Has good potential

Crystal Story is a rather fun game to play for a while, funny characters that are immediately likeable and quirky dialogue that made me laugh a few times, however, there are a few problems with the core mechanics. Like for one, the points you put into each class are for skills only, there seems to be no outward show on how the character develops except for skills, no stat changes, what's up with that? Also, there seems to be glitches where if I leave a room that has no chest, it appears there, you need to look into that. The shop soon becomes obsolete except for buying potions which are WAY too cheap to buy for what they do. Another thing is that the weapon balancing suffers some problems, early on, I gotten a spear for Reuben that I won't have to remove ever again on the 1st floor. If you work on these things, I might give you a better score.

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Nice game, one problem

It's a really nice game with some humor in it. But there's one little thing I get annoyed about. I don't think it's the game problem though... There are times after I got a new medal, the medal icons just won't unlock, even refreshing the page wouldn't work (sometimes). It's really not a bad game.

Now for those who plan to go against some boss monster at a relatively lower level, I recommend you to...

1) Get the [Buff] All spells. To me, magic is worse than melee unless the melee is directed to your mages & healers. Start out with Shell/Harden All depending on the type of enemy you're facing. I made Reuben the fastest healer to make this possible. Healing Water for higher players is good. Then again, always buff your characters before attacking, Haste to me is not really necessary.

2) Try beating every Bahumots you find. Summoning them is very useful as it grants all buffs (except Haste) along with Regen. Very useful indeed.

3) Play Zombie Defense if you have to. I could get high quality slime food by winning Expert level to feed to my slime for some good stuff.

4) I hate to say this but you're gonna have to GRIND a bit. This is especially to unlock the side quests that grant you bonus AP. The side quests unlocks after every 3 levels (6 for one type).

5) Don't try going against any boss monster if you're not at least 2-3 levels below its level. It's dangerous unless you can come up with some strategy to beat it.

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Lan14n responds:

thanks! nice tips. I think for the medals you can save and then load your game. It should do a medal check again for missing medals.

Fantastic RPG

This is the best RPG I've come across in a long time. I even think its better than FF13. It really get back to the way turn based rpgs should be. Class crossing weapons, abilities and upgrades.

However I did notice a couple of things here:
1) Once I got to a dungeon 10 levels higher than my own I no longer got experience from the battles maybe 1xp or 5xp which seems strange. I noticed it at dungeon 38 and on.
2) I killed the ultimate dargon at lvl 28 which seems weird since hes lvl 50.
3) Some abilities are clearly overpowered like outbreak and healing water.
4) I also think that Kaeli needs buffing. She became very obsolete or just didnt matter.
5) Mages need some sort of chance to miss or some downside. They are pure massive damage that can crit and because mana never really runs out if you go into a battle with full mana.
***6)---This is important to fix--- One of the funny exploits I found is if you equip a weapon with high magic it increases your max mana to say 120/120. If you heal and then switch to a weapon with lower magic and higher str for a fighter then your mana becomes say 120/38 where u can OVERCHARGE your manapool to beyond its max. VERY USEFUL EXPLOIT.

If it were up to me this would be the number one game on newgrounds. Also I would wish you would work for squareenix(I believe thats it). The final fantasy creating company. You could single handedly fix there downward spiral in the rpg department. I'm totally serious. If I had an in at squareenix I would get you involved with designing the next FF.

Anyway This game is amazing for a flash. I can't possibly see how this will ever be beaten in the rpg flash catagory.

AMAZING GAME. and this rpg fan is a happy one. Thanks for this :D

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Sep 14, 2011
5:51 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
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