Pogo Swing!

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1000 Flipscore! 5 Points

Land a jump with more than 1000 points.

500 Metres Travelled! 5 Points

Travel further than 500 metres in one jump.

Less than 25 Swings 5 Points

Beat the game in less than 25 swings.

Less than 50 Swings 5 Points

Beat the game in less than 50 swings.

1000 Metres Travelled! 10 Points

Travell further than 1000 metres in one jump.

2000 Flipscore 10 Points

Land a jump with more than 2000 points.

2000 Metres Travelled! 25 Points

Travel further than 2000 metres in one jump.

4000 Flipscore! 25 Points

Land a jump with more than 4000 points.

Author Comments

Jumping from the swingset is one of the best things about being a kid.
Bringing a Pogo Stick along only adds to the fun!
How far can you leap to earn money for the ultimate Swing Upgrade?
I wonder what would happen if you swung all the way around? (Apart from turning inside out, of course ;) )


Superior Toss Game

I enjoyed so much about this game; graphics were great, nice ambient bg music, non-obnoxious sfx, upgrades system and scoring system. I enjoyed the details, especially the fact that the swing and the chain were upgraded separately. I prefer toss games that don't involve massive launches where you're moving so fast that you can't aim very efficiently; this one was ideal. Having to aim every bounce extended my interest in playing instead of just a 'let 'er rip' toss game. The only criticism I have is minor; the pogo health bar. I would've liked either a little less penalty (damage) for a less than perfect landing, or to have an upgrade you could buy to make your pogo stick take less damage as you progress. Great game.

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Fun toss game

This was considerably better than other toss games out there. And the ending was totally worth it!

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great game, really addicting, makes u wanna improve your skills XD really fun

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Great Job!

These kind of games can get very tedious so you have to do a really good job to make it good. The fact that I stuck around till the end showed it was really good haha.

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addicting but really easy to beat!

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2011
11:34 AM EDT
Skill - Toss