The Lance!

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Handle on things 5 Points

First Victory

Plays Lance A Lot 10 Points

Beat the Champ.

Scrooge McJoust 10 Points

Hoarde 1000Gold without spending it.

Horses For Courses 25 Points

Buy the best horse. What a bargain!

Author Comments

The Lance.

The ultimate goal for any aspiring jouster.

Will you ever claim it? Will your descendants?

You'll never know unless you try - but the Kings champion isn't going to make that easy!


Could have been better

It is very unique, though its very easy to exploit with the gold and the head shots once you figure out how everything works. Something you should keep in mind while testing.

I won't say how, but there is a way to get 200+g every round, and a 95% chance you will hit their head without getting blocked, that last 5% is if your mouse stops working.

A well made game, none the less.


This game has had some definite changes since I first played it on Armor Games. The AI seems to respond better to the player, which adds a bit of challenge that it was previously lacking. I found that in the original version, it was extremely easy to dupe the computer by going to the extreme bottom-right to lure his shield away, then quickly going up to hit him in the head... it worked almost every time. I'm glad to see that has been changed.

I think my main complaint is the fact that EXP can only be earned with new items; this means that if the player has mastered items but can't afford new ones, he can't level up until he earns more money. Until this game I had never played a game that essentially forced the player to buy the ability to level up. Another problem with this EXP system is that if a piece of equipment is close to mastery, say it has maybe 190/200 points, although the game says "+60 EXP," the player only gets credit for the EXP left until the item is mastered; either credit should be given for the displayed amount of EXP, or the displayed amount should be changed.

Regardless, an overall enjoyable game, although it gets a bit monotonous trying to grind out enough money for the best horse. When I got it on Armor Games, I think I had gotten to generation 6 or 7, and I'm really not looking forward to doing it again. It would be nice to have a bit of replayability.

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MisMatched or Mixed Matched??

The only thing that i have a problem with in this game is the inability to customize the color of the armor and accessories. It just irks me that my knight has to look tacky while jousting. Other than that, the gameplay is magnificent. I like the slow motion and being able to pinpoint the spot that I want to attack.

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Entertaining. Speed it up.

It was a fun ride, but I didn't feel compelled to stick around and purchase all the items despite the store being well stocked. This mostly stems from the delay between rounds and that the money earned never seemed to escalate from one round to the next and made money earning rather time consuming.

I'd recommend (if The Lance part Deux is to exist) that the time between rounds is sped up to keep players motivated, and it would probably have the effect of making the game feel more action-packed as well.

Otherwise, great concept. Quite a bit of fun and really seems like it could have quite a bit more depth added to it. Good job!

Fun, But Medievally Flawed

I like the art and and the concept of THe Lance, a jousting game with a fluid design, but it has an double-edged upgrade system that really mars its playability. in The Lance, you can play to beat the game through multiple generations of a knight of your own name. But this is a game that can be easily beat in as little as three generations (15 stages) without having to purchase the overpriced weapons and armor in the game. In fact, this game turns into a very, very boring grind, because with each new generation, your opponents naturally get stronger, and because it's so difficult to earn money in this game, even with enchanted armor, you find yourself stuck with the same equipment for an entire generation before you can get anything new, and since you can only garner experience through unmastered weapons, this cheats your character out of experience points and the ability to level up, and that unfortunately kills this game's replayability.

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4.21 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2011
3:07 PM EDT
Simulation - Other