The Lance!

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Handle on things 5 Points

First Victory

Plays Lance A Lot 10 Points

Beat the Champ.

Scrooge McJoust 10 Points

Hoarde 1000Gold without spending it.

Horses For Courses 25 Points

Buy the best horse. What a bargain!

Author Comments

The Lance.

The ultimate goal for any aspiring jouster.

Will you ever claim it? Will your descendants?

You'll never know unless you try - but the Kings champion isn't going to make that easy!


lolwut boss....

It was a fun and simple game, it seems as if the boss is easily beatable in the 2nd generation. please make him harder.
When I first saw him in the 1st gen. I was all like "Yea! Alright! This game is awesome. I'm gonna be playin' this for a while training to beat the champ!" And then in the 2nd gen. I was all like"Thats it? fail boss --__-- "

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Beat it on second generation :D

Pretty impressive

This is a truly wonderful game. The controls are pretty incredible and the concept is a refreshing one, for I am sure I am not the only one that has dreamt of jousting. However, it does have 3 noticeable flaws. The first is that the game is too short and far too easy. By level 9 I had defeated the boss. The second is that the game is very repetitive. All that you have to do is aim for the head, and you can win. Change it up a little. Finally, there is a glitch in the shop. If you go to your inventory and equip the default of any piece of equipment and sell the piece of equipment you previously had equipped, then you are unable to purchase any equipment of that category unless you exit the shop and reenter. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing the evolution of this game.

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It's a fun game, but what's with the shop?

I want to buy stuff, but everything's listed as "sold out" after I reach my third or fourth descendent. Can I buy the fifth-best shield? Nope, it's all sold out. I want that nice shiny armor? Someone got to it first. My horse isn't running as fast as I want? Tough, cuz the shop's outta stock. Is this supposed to happen? Or is there some kind of glitch in the game's shop?

Really addicting

I got it on the second generation but part of me wishes I took a little longer to get more stuff. The upgrades are interesting, and while I don't think I could play long enough to get full upgrades, it was a nice touch to have. I would like to see shield movements incorporated more into the gameplay, because it was a really good move to have the enemy shield movements as something you had to avoid.

The only thing I noticed is that the horse upgrade didn't really make me go any faster. I'm sure that'd be more profound at higher levels, but that sort of makes it worthless to buy the first two upgrades for horses (as far as I got) because they capped at 18 mph.

Still, though, overall it is a fun game and a good time sink.

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Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2011
3:07 PM EDT
Simulation - Other