Brother (ltdesign)

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Author Comments

Brother is a short, cute and surreal little adventure puzzle game that's all about exploring and figuring things out, playable by anyone.

Artistically, I wanted to explore the ideas of brotherhood, barren landscapes and storytelling without words.

The original plan was to include no text at all, but I ended up caving and adding hints for people who get stuck. I think it was the right decision, resulting in fewer people quitting due to frustration.

It's a bit short, but sweet! I hope you have fun :)

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This was a really good game, loved the puzzles, excellent desgin/music/etc. But some of the puzzles were annoying to do. This was a really good game in total.

Excellent design, excellent music, very good puzzles... A more-than-great PnC !

This was a cute and heartwarming game, but some puzzles were annoying! That hydraulic apparatus in the cave and the run through the cave were so hard!


Very sweet game, but some riddles were frustrating

Some riddles I just hate encountering again in games, such as the one with the water pumps - in particular when counting the chain rings didn't help because they didn't seem to sum up properly :( I understood what I had to do but eventually had to resort to the video walkthrough to get the solution... and some of the gates when escaping from the lava I pretty much guessed through - the last one at least was nice as it was based on logic rather than trial and error.
Other than these, the game is totally cute. Simple graphics, no words, not too difficult, and +1 for the "teleporters" saving us from running around back and forth :)

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2011
12:55 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click