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Lunar Defence

rated 2.79 / 5 stars
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Sep 12, 2011 | 6:15 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A lunar defence game I made using flash AS2.0 (I don't like AS3). It's a really basic arcade game in which you defend the moon from asteroids that threaten to destroy it's colonies.

Use your cannon, railgun and overshield to protect the colonies. Upgrade your weapons, decrease their cooldowns, increase their blast radius etc in the upgrade screen.

Enjoy! (don't forget to read the instructions, it's only 3 lines!)

Small tip: For those of you who find it too hard in the beginning; The CANNON timer resets every time you hit an asteroid, so by aiming well in the beginning you can kill a lot more asteroids even WITH the long cooldown. Also upgrades become very powerful later on and you have A LOT of health (3x100) in the beginning so you should be fine!

EDIT: Added pause when buying upgrades. Reducing cooldowns isn't nessecary, tested it extensively, game starts off a bit slow though.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

sucks - but has some promise.

1. cannon moves/fires WAY too slow.
2. cool down time is ridiculous.
3. PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to hit or shield even 1/4 of the objects coming at you.
4. you are still being hit while you are upgrading, even though you cannot fire while upgrading.

1. NO CANNON COOL DOWN. cool down for the other (special) elements would be ok though.
2. reduce shield cool down by about 1/3 to 1/2.
3. PAUSE THE GAME WHILE THE PLAYER IS UPGRADING !!!!! seriously, it is almost impossible to upgrade anything without suffering serious damage.
4. start the cannon at about 3 - 3.5 times its current starting firing rate. more than that would take away too much of the challenge. less than that would (AND DOES) make the game impossible to play for more than a few seconds.
5. keep the current starting strengths for the weapons. you got that one right.
6. don't immediately start spamming the asteroids at the player. start out a little slower and increase as time goes by.
7. you might want to allow some sort of repair upgrade. however, i would understand if you don't. not all games have the ability to repair damage.
8. you might want to make the asteroids a little easier to see. medium/dark brown on a black background IS a bit too hard to see.

graphics are good - no need to improve.
same with the music.
controls are simple and work quite well.
you have a good START, but you still have a little way to go before you have a great game.

Thomaze1988 responds:

Added a pause, i give you that one! Wasn't too hard to do anyway so I have no idea why I didn't do that earlier... As far as the main cannon; the timer resets when it hits so careful aiming is rewarded, and as far for not being able to hit ALL the asteroids; we don't expect you to, you have 3 bases that are relatively small with 100 health EACH, so you should be able to manage it through the somewhat trickier early game on to the lategame ownage!
About the asteroids colors... I experimented A LOT with the colors and glow effects on it, but most looked like giant space-turds. These one works for me and on all PC's I tested the game on, so maybe your screen is a little dark? I can see them clearly myself...
As for the cooldown times; with the tip i gave you about timer reset AND the upgrades you can purchase you really should be able to manage with a little practice.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and sorry about the(lack of) pause, enjoy!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good game but very hard.

This game starts out very hard. Should make the cannon weak with no cool down need or increase its starting strength. otherwise it is a very solid game good job.

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Thomaze1988 responds:

Thank you! Adding one of your first points to cannon strength already helps a ton though ^^


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

How am I supposed to hit anything with that cannon

The projectile travels way too slow to aim and doesnt even go in the direction it's supposed to. This game is a really poor copy of many before it. Music and graphics are OK but the asteroids look like turds and they are hard to see on a black background.

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Thomaze1988 responds:

The projectile is probably not firing in the direction you want it to because you spam left mouse when the cooldown is almost gone which results in it sometimes traveling in a direction you previously clicked it to go in instead of what you want later on...

Also, having to aim the projectile at the right intercept course takes a little practice... But that's why it's a game! What fun would it be if there needed not be any skill to make it far?