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My Two Weeks Notice

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This is the Letter of Resignation I sent to my company today. :)

I'm uploading this on my boyfriend's newgrounds account so his website bandwidth stops getting smashed. I also made this version tons easier than the first version.

-Rebecca P.

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I guess I'm jaded

When I think "two weeks notice", I think "F U! Strong letter to follow!" Would have been more impressed if you coded this yourself instead of getting your bf to do it.

aFranich responds:

Oh, I did do part of the coding on it. I just didn't really think to list myself in the credits at all. Truth be told, I wasn't even planning on putting this on newgrounds: it was just a little one-day project that I whipped together to say goodbye. However, when it started getting more hits than I have coworkers, I decided to upload to Newgrounds as well just to be on the safe side.


Oh wait.. that was "the cake" not "the cookie." lol
It's truly good to see things like this, instead of "leaving on a bad-note" things.

aFranich responds:

Alright, you guys know what?


If you email a picture of the winning screen and your address to "rewardcookie@hotmail.com", I will mail you a cookie.

Note: If you live in some crazy country where cookie postage would cost me a bajillion dollars, you may not receive a cookie.

Legal notice: I reserve the right to end this offer at any time, without notice, with or without reason (I'm looking at you, 4chan.) I also take no liability if you are allergic to cookies, if you choke to death on the cookie, or if the cookie starts having an affair with your mother. You assume all cookie related risk and liability. One cookie per household/ per pair of cheeto stained hands.


That was really enjoyable a little monotonous but very enjoyable
you should add different paragraphs like an eviction notice


but i quit by the second part. the gameplay itself is boring, repetitive, and very unoriginal... its cute i guess

if youre going to do this again at your next job, try to have different minigames for each new bunch of words

good luck

Now I want a cookie...

Very interesting way to resign from your job. I expected more hostility and the like, but was pleasantly surprised to see a friendly good-bye instead. Wasn't extremely innovative (other than the fact that it was a resignation letter that was being shot down..) but I had a bit of fun...can I have a cookie now?