Nitro in Ice Land

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Platform game with ice land at the background and the hero Nitro is on an adventure.

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This game could have been something great. The charge up dash thing was an interesting idea. BUT THE JUMP OMG! NIRTO Y U NO JUMP?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that i have no idea how to make a flash game. But I can offer some advice. First, adjust the jumping and resubmit. Second, make a story. Maybe nitro is Capt. Falcon's crazy mexican cousin that gained the power of firey running from some radiation-inhanced refried beans! WHO KNOWS! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! Also, it would be nice if the fire dash thing had some embers or something. I dunno.

Well that's all i have for you now dood. You get zero stars from me until you fix the problems with the jumping. Maybe then you'll get some star action.


dig the graphics

controls need some work couldnt get nitro to consistently jump which is way important so thats why you get 2 stars

It had some kind of glitch...?

It looked okay, but I couldn't jump for some reason, and gave it a 6. I like the music and the design, though.

Still needs work

Ran into a pretty big glitch that kept me from finishing the first level. There's an area with several platforms which move up and down. Shortly after that, there is a very low ceiling with two goombas (for lack of an actual name) under it. I went to stomp on the first one, but hit it and lost my power-up. While I was invincible from the hit, I went to stomp on the second one, but instead got pushed up into the ceiling. With no time limit and no other way to die, I just quit the game here.

Controls can be somewhat jerky too, and sometimes you go halfway through blocks when you jump to hit them.

Obvious Super Mario Bros clone. LOL

But it was very well done nonetheless.

The only issue I've noticed was jerky motion in some parts.

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2.17 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2011
4:27 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop