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1st Person Shooter Test

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This is my attempt at re-creating Andywantscandy24's FPS game. Report any bugs.
If you want to see the guy who started it all look up: AndywantsCandy24 on youtube and IHaveNo-Username on newgrounds...

Hey, this may not seem like such an accomplishment but this re-creation took four years to make, since no tutorial was brought to my attention. This is also my first flash game, and first Newgrounds submission.
Post your reviews below! I'll reply. Also, some features arn't presented in the notifications, if you press: (r) You'll reload, if you press (a) You'll knife, If you press (q) You'll turn on nightvision. Fun Fact, made the whole thing with a laptop, shows how that cant be an excuse.


Great, but I found a glitch.

While either gun is reloading, if you try to shoot down targets, it still registers as a shot fired. Also, the ammo count resets quicker than the reload animation for the pistol, so if you were to try to shoot targets while reloading, the clip starts off partially spent when the reload animation ends. Other than that, the visual elements were appealing and the coding none too shabby.

HarryboEntertainment responds:

Actually its supposed to go to full ammo before the shooting is done, if you notice, right when he puts the mag in the pistol, it reaches full ammo, i put that in for the realistic aspect.


Great job on the demo! Also loved the night-vision and knife perks shh... it's a secret! And all and all, the final product will be phenomanal once your finished! Keep up the great work!

when ur on ur last bullet

if ur on ur last bullet for the usp conpact and u press the left button it counts as if it was a bullet

The logo in the bottom left

it says USP COMPACT, but its mirror says Sup COMPAct

Awesome test run - 9 stars

The only reason why I rated this a 9 and not a 10 because it's only the demo and I'm only shooting targets that pop up in the same sequence every time.

This is definitely a 10 caliber game with a lot of quality in the graphics and also extremely smooth. I'm on a Macbook pro and the touch pad works extremely well which it's normally pretty hard to use in a lot of other games.

One negative that I would like to point out is the cursor. The cursor doesn't follow exactly on the reticle (no idea how to spell that word by the way) which is annoying and could possibly be problematic because I don't know how it would work on a desktop but I do know on my laptop, once my mouse goes off the flash screen then all the controls for the game are disabled and also the cursor on the game resets to the middle so if there is an enemy in an area that I can't get to then I'm screwed.

Also with the cursor, I think you should get rid of the mouse cursor all together and make the reticle (damn spelling) be the only thing visible because I understand if you make the reticle right on like I suggested in the previous paragraph then it will definitely be in the way when you go to shoot. I know you guys can do that there is a lot of games that have different cursors as the mouse cursor.

Great game though and not just for your first game but overall impressive in every aspect. I can't wait for the full version to come out please message me when you release it!

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3.54 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2011
3:07 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person
  • Daily 3rd Place September 12, 2011