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Tamus And Mitta

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Brave the dangers of the deep, dark mines to bring back the sun... Follow the in-game instructions to explore the mines, collect candy, search for all the lost toys, and bring back the sun!

Left/Right = Move
X = Jump
Z = Interact
P = Pause

Your progress is automatically saved.

Hope you like this new game. Give us your feedback and comments. thanks all

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I agree with the person below me.

A few problems

1. You don't put the tools needed to finish a level in the level. You basically just have to skip ahead 10 levels to find the tool, then go back to the first level you need it for. For example, finishing level 10 requires the top, which can only be found in level 17. The yoyo and the key are the same way (not found until many levels after they are first needed). I don't know what the idea was here, but it's just annoying.
2. It's very repetitive. You should add some variety - monsters that require special tricks to avoid, different abilities, etc. You could at least let the player get upgrades to his light.
3. Some of the enemies are impossible to avoid so you just have to take the hit. Kind of ruins the feeling of being on a streak. In general you get hit too much - between the very limited light radius and the very cramped levels it's a pain in the neck to play.

It is a nice platformer though for a while, but it didn't hold my attention long enough to finish it.

It was okay.

It kept my attention for a moderate amount of time, but it's not a game I would tell someone about. The only thing I really disliked was the noise that every male npc made. I don't know what it's supposed to sound like but it was annoying.

Can't say i liked it..

A lot of really weird design choices kept it from being enjoyable for me.I could only get to about 75/120 toys before i became too frustrated/bored.

I found the controls unnecessarily complex for a game that has such simple core elements. It's really only a one handed game as the up arrow could easily have served as the jump key while the down key would have been great for using tools/entering doors as well as ducking as i never once ran into a situation where i needed to duck and use a tool at the same time. The control customization is a great function but again unnecessary as this really should be a one-handed, arrow key/wasd game.

I found the jumping to be inaccurate and frustrating at time as i would often find myself not being able to make jumps that it looked like i was going to clear and often clearing jumps that seemed impossible. Because of these inconsistencies i found it difficult to get an accurate representation of how far i actually could/couldn't jump. The hit detection when jumping on enemies also suffered from this weird and inconsistent quality as i would often take damage from enemies i was sure i jumped on while knocking out others without even trying.

The lantern meter is a really bad indication of how much time you actually have left as when it gets to around the last 20ish percent, it suddenly drops to empty which sort of defeats the purpose of having an indicative meter. Perhaps a remedy to this problem would be to have the meter start to flash when it reaches this dire area or to simply even out the meter so that it accurately represents how much time you have left.

The tool upgrades are often placed at or towards the end of each world/area which can be quite annoying before you figure out that it's best to search the world/area until you find the mine with the tool in it. Because of this odd placement of tools you will often play through an earlier level only to find you do not have the necessary tool needed to collect the last/any toy(s). This creates unnecessary and boring backtracking and artificially extends the length of the game.

While i enjoyed the graphics and the general art design of the game, i found the story and setting a little bit pointless as it is clearly aimed at children yet the game would be far too difficult and frustrating for a child to enjoy. There isn't much enjoyment to be had with the story as an adult so it's sort of missing a target audience and brings to question why the game even has a story. If your an adult, you may as well be picking up rocks with dirt as currency as you couldn't really care less for the context. If you're a child you'll play it for 10 minutes before you get frustrated and do something else.

All in all there's some promise here, the art and general concept is great but the whole thing just comes off really uninspired due to some bad design choices. I love the layout of the game and enjoyed the premise of the task set before me but there were just too many things holding it back and in the end i just couldn't play it anymore.

Very Enjoyable

Shows how a simple game can be enjoyable too. It took a simple concept, added nice graphics, good working controls and a somewhat addictive gameplay that drives you to collect it all.
The atmosphere is cutesy and childlike, in a good way, I'd say the game achieved what it set out for.
The only point of critism I had was the music became a bit repetitive, not to the extent that I turned it off (though I might have, if I took longer), but the game could do with a bit more variation in background sound.
Overall, a nice game, with enough challenge to keep you hooked, but not to frustrate you. A good play to just take your mind of and relax for a while.