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Banned Book is feeling... alone.
Join Banned Battalion!


Thats Wierd...

9 Beacouse Nothing Was Animated


I like it.

Good for a first flash

A decent short flash, it's good for making a name I guess, so keep it up!

Work a little on the graphics though, and try to draw more B& members in your movies instead of stick figures I guess...? Keep up the promoting efforts, and I'm looking forward to see how the B& Battalion will turn out...!



John Lennon, bitch.

Good job on a short, slightly corny well animated and insulated flash of an inside joke. I thought you could do more than a box in and 0x speed tweens and 2 pictures. You have potential in art, as you know how to center the image perfectly and you can box scroll inside a picture well, but I haven't seen you box out well, as this flash was short and will probably recieve credit, though due to the flash only being 2 pictures with a double 0x speed tween, I don't think it will too much. Otherwise, the animation was good in lighting. Perfect movement from the production intro to the actual animation, and continuous music from the end of the intro to the beginning of the flash. I'm sure you worked hard on the fonts, 2d-edging of the table, book, and intro figure, and also the slight animation of the face coming out then back onto a stable 0x speed. ;) Good job, It could've been alot better though.

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1.31 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2011
10:04 AM EDT
Comedy - Original