The Fly VIII

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The Fly VIII Enjoy sorry about the screen size problem



i just watched all of these and its pretty good :D

Great ending

Your animation got better with every episode. People dont know hard it is to make flash. (Ive had 3/3 blammed entries. Ha.) This series is downright decent. While making this series, your flash capabilities have grown in quality. Props to you!

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Not the worst thing I've seen

The only real problem with it was the atrociously ugly drawing style. I think most of your inspiration came from the madness flashes by krinkles, but honestly you really should have either came up with your own style or copied his. You got the gun sprites and most (if not all) sounds from either the same place he did or directly from one of his flashes, might want to add credit next time ;).

As for the storyline, it was a bit too immature and unoriginal for my tastes but it could have been worse. Somewhat reminded me of something I made a few years back. I'm going to be honest with you, some people have talent for making interesting stories and some don't. To me it seems you don't, although in a few years this could be different.

Pretty much what made me dislike it so much is how the people look! Wide open mouths the entire time and bodies drawn with the oval tool :/

Goodluck in the future.

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2.29 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2011
1:23 AM EDT