Super Filly Adventure

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Super Filly Adventure is a short-length game designed for Equestria *Gaming's latest 16-bit Game Contest: http://www.equestriagamin g.com/2011/07/brony-day-t erraria-giveaway.html

This is an adventure game staring a new filly in Ponyville, by the name of Jade. She was to meet up with Pinkie Pie once she arrived, and receive a gift that she had for Jade. However, Pinkie Pie wanted to throw a huge party for Jade before giving her that gift. The main objective of the game is to find Jade's cutie mark / special talent. There ARE multiple endings in this game; go find them!
Also, if you're wanting to license my game somewhere else, at least let me know first before you just throw it up somewhere. For now, I just want this game to be on Newgrounds only, so just link here if you want to post it on your site.

Months of life this game took to make: ~2 sleepless months
Design: Jay6
Sprites: Desktop Ponies (There's a lot of names of contributors for them...)
Music used: 16-bit MLP tracks (mentioned in the game credits), Tales of Phantasia, and Secret of Mana music (It somehow works)
Made using Flash CS4
Artwork drawn in: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
Art/BG Compression: Fireworks CS4
Graphic creating/editing: Fireworks CS4

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is © Hasbro


I did my own commentary of my game with Hax Mega playing and also commentating. You can check it out here (note about the links, you'll need to erase the spaces... sorry about that!)
Part 1 (first 2 endings): http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=ZUFDoKFYHBU
Part 2 (blank flank ending): http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=AyzDHwaXXjg


this have an creepypasta ending

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5 stars and i have not even played it.
people say there is a scary ending? why...

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Jay6 responds:

If you're worried about it, play during the day time where you'll never have that ending. Even if you play late at night, it's hard to just randomly stumble across that ending. People have tried, even at night, and still end up missing something for that ending. There's nothing to fear if that's the case.
Unless you actually want it, however, then yeah. There's plenty of advice in the comments about it. It was really meant to be a tedious process to get that ending in the first place.

Good Game But Can I Do A Video On It? I'll Give Credit

how do you get the creepypasta/blank flank ending!?!?!?! I did everything right and I cant get to creepy zecora do you really have to play 11 pm to 5:59am because I changed the time on my computer and it still didn't work

Jay6 responds:

You missed something. I don't know what more to say to that. whether you forgot to talk with applejack again, or listen to fluttershy yap for eternity... talk to zecora twice... then head into area again. oh yeah, and give derpy the good muffin, and talk to her after that too.

creepy pasta ending .... JN HAS DIE

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Sep 10, 2011
8:56 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG
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