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Tower Defense with RPG and Puzzle elements. Help Prince Trey defend the Northern quadrant of Glissaria from a recent outbreak of monsters. Collect resources, build and upgrade towers, collect and equip weapons and armor, gather magical stones to power up your towers, and level up in a frantic effort to stop the invading monsters.

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It's a nice concept however the puzzle minigame takes away too much from the actual tower defence part of the game.

All you end up doing is solve the puzzle, hastly place turrets and repeat.
You barely get enough time to read the magic stones effects to decide which tower to place them in, which tower to prioritize upgrading and you constantly have to mouse over new gear and the currently equipped ones to see which one is better and here you again don't have time to read any of the additional effects/+stats they give, you only have time to focus on the highest number and swap them out instantly.
And just like that a round is over.
99% your eyes were on the puzzle field and you couldn't see any of the monsters, the map, the fighting or any animations as you have to constantly solve the block puzzles in order to gain any materials/orbs/equipment.

This makes the puzzle part feel way too oppressive and almost stressfull as you can't afford to pay attention to any other part of the game than the puzzle solving.

Less puzzle solving, more TD focus would have made this game better in my opinion.
Too bad that I can't really give feedback to the graphics/art style as all I saw were those blocks I had to move :I

Beat it in like 1 hr 30 min. Fun though. :)

it's too fast paced to get very far on endless. the enemies rush at you in no time at all and it's extremely difficult to focus on the equipment, tiles, and where the towers are, what is equipped on them, what resources you have and what you need, and more. it's too spread out.

I played this game yesterday and came back. It's a really good game. There are a couple suggestions though. How bout instead of pixel, make it like, new age? It's fine as it is though. I played the first level on hard, but for the life of me I just can't seem to beat it, even with my soldier on like, level 11! Something's definitely wrong on that part. o____o Anyways, This game is truly one of a kind, it has the perfect blend of genres/elements. It's like my country, America, except it has races instead of elements and genres. Overall, 5/5, 10/10. Amazing Art(+3), Good gameplay (-1, because I like amazing gameplay), Elements/Genres are the perfect blend(+5), Amazing Towers(+1), Amazing Detail(+2). Good job. I hope you come out with more of this amazing quality soon.

This is probably one of the best TD flash games i have ever seen!
It has a nice twist to conventional TD games and really puts your multitask skill and thinking to the limit!
It is also fun and i still don't see any reason to hate.
Overall, i give this a 10 out of 10.