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"A Mentally wounded Welshman mumbles over his last few hours."

This animation was made in one day from 1pm until 5am in the morning.

Sorry about the loss of quality, I took it into after effects for compositing and lighting and the video compressions when bringing it back into flash destroyed it, who knows maybe it adds to it.


Please feel free to leave a review, I'm working on getting more of this stuff made soon.


its weird

your style is weird, in my opinion

Really interesting

First of the problems:
The border is incorrect, you've acknowledged this in your Author Comments but it's still a problem and detracts from the overall movie. Secondly the quality isn't great. This is to be expected when you use other programs for effects and then try and put video files in to swfs. Still i think it was worth it as you have some really nice visuals. The audio is a little weird, the sound quality and recording isn't top quality, but that adds a little tone and style to it which adds to the creepyness of the whole thing. The concept is great and i enjoyed the end. The pun in the title gave me a smile.


I thought that was great. There wasn't really a lot going on in it, but there didn't really need to be. Despite the audio sounding a bit off (not out of sync, just not quite the right levels) everything did seem to work very well together. The size was fine, in fact I would have been glad if it was a bit longer. This made a great beginning to a story, and I really hope it is just that, a beginning. At least from my end you captured this person's essence in a very relate-able way. It is dark, but again, that works. The sense that I had gotten at the end was that of the same kind of strange reasoning portrayed by Firths Salad fingers character. 'He must really like it down in that well he has been down there so long, I think my sister should join him', and the character has already expressed himself to be so disjointed that you almost believe he doesn't actually intend harm by it, though most certainly will cause it. Strange how easy it is to empathize with someone in that situation.

Anyhow, enough rambles, wonderful film, a great beginning, and a nice improvement over your previous works (would have liked to see more come from October short as well by the way). Keep up the good work, I really would like to see more of this. Either way hope it isn't another 2 years before you submit stuff again. 5/5 9/10

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3.75 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2011
5:35 PM EDT