Kingdom in the Clouds

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Conquer Forest Canopy 5 Points

Beat all five levels of the 1st world

Conquer Lava Peaks 5 Points

Beat all five levels of the 2nd world

Conquer Nimbus Basin 10 Points

Beat all five levels of the 3rd world

Conquer Kingdom Outskirts 25 Points

Beat all 4 levels of the 5th world

Conquer Starry Skies 25 Points

Beat all five levels of the 4th world

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

"Kingdom in the Clouds" is an action/defense game complete with an upgrade system. You play as a young prince who must return with his sister after falling far from their kingdom in the clouds.

There are 5 different zones you must battle through before reaching your kingdom. Each zone, accompanied by its own unique art (RedHarvest) and music (thatcomposerguy), has 5 levels you must complete before advancing to the next. As you advance, the levels increase in difficulty. To beat the game you must successfully complete all levels and defeat the final wave.

To aid you in your journeys, the player is introduced to an upgrade system via a companion owl named "Hoot." The upgrades are a variety of both offensive and defensive skills. These include health upgrades for your character and your sister, a powerful wall in the form of a cloud, decreasing the amount of time that Hoot delivers helpful item drops, and a devastating zap attack!

MonoFlauta, RedHarvest, Seymour, and thatcomposerguy, want to thank you for playing and hope that you enjoy "Kingdom in the Clouds!"

EDIT 10/09/11 - Thanks Tom for the front page! Also now all the medals are approve :)


Nice graphics but really bad game

The game play is really easy, the game get a little harder but you can't overcome it because the upgrades sucks! More you proceed in the game more luck you need to get a good lucky sequence until the point that became impossible also if you have got all the upgrade maxed! Bad, horrible game.

Not good. Very not good.

There's not a lick of fucking difference as far as I can see between the first level faggoty cloud attack and the 5th level faggoty cloud attack. Maybe a half second faster, if that. By level 5, you'd expect a borderline machine gun.

love it

Fun game. I love the art so much too.

Shoddy in so many ways

Shoddy programming, shoddy game design. The art was kind of cute but nothing great. And the voice acting was all right I guess.

No options whatsoever and no way to return to the main menu. As if that wasn't enough the right click menu had to be disabled. So you weren't nice enough to give us a proper mute and quality button, but you also weren't too lazy to disable players from changing the quality manually. That's just downright arrogant. You're saying your game is just so perfect and runs so efficiently that no one would ever experience lag. Well that's not the case. And the lack of a mute button is just shooting yourself in the foot because many sponsors won't even take a game without a mute button. There are lots of easy ways you could make this game better.

The medals aren't coded very well. You don't get either the 30 gems medal or the all upgrades medal until you visit the upgrades screen again.

It's 25 levels of doing the same thing over and over again. And the thing was kind of boring to begin with. I guess there's a little strategy involved with making sure the damage gets evenly distributed between you and your sister. How brave, using your sister as a shield. Picking up your sister is an absolutely useless because you can't shoot or jump while holding her. So even if the bad guys are all coming from one side and you wanna get your sister away from that side it's still a bad idea to pick her up because then you'll lose some time you could spend shooting the bad guys. They'll catch up to you and you'll have gained nothing.

Guys, if you wanna see this through to the end like I did, I recommend upgrading the Hoot powerups all the way first. Just play the first level over and over again, but before you kill the third cloud, wait for Hoot to drop something in case it's a gem. Then don't spend the gems right away. Save of 30 of them to get a medal then spend them all at once.

In case anyone's wondering, yes I do check the programmer's page for secret medals. They often will get all of them to make sure they work.

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Kind of Meh

5 years ago, give or take, when Newgrounds sported a lot more amateur-grade content, this game would have been excellent, but today, I can sign on to Newgrounds and play games that are nearly console quality.

This game was clearly designed with a focus on being cute, rather than a focus on gameplay or entertainment. You control a lovably drawn, goofy hero -- you know the type, bald, glasses, fat, slow and clumsy to move around -- and are supposed to fall in love with the idea of this unlikely dufus overcoming great odds as he runs around shooting clouds at slow moving monsters in an effort to keep them away from himself, and his equally odd looking baby sister. Level after level, you're in what essentially amounts to a 2D arena, with enemies approaching from both sides. You move your clumsy guy around and slowly fire weak projectiles, pick up your sister before bad guys get close enough to hurt her (you can't jump or shoot while holding her), drop her, and keep shooting. Each level, you get to shop for upgrades that let you put walls in the way of monsters, hit every monster on the screen with a special attack, and various other expected things. Every level is worth the same amount of upgrade points, so you can really just do the first level over and over again until you're maxed if you want, not that it matters.

The game was slow, tedious, frustrating, and at some ponts, random. There's just no real gameplay involved. Move left, move right, hold down the fire button, maybe drop a wall somewhere if the level's going badly, hope your full screen attack charges up soon, repeat for way too many levels. The cuteness of a goofy guy saving his baby sister from danger just isn't going to cut it amidst a sea of real games that offer gameplay that's actually entertaining.

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3.55 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2011
12:54 PM EDT
Adventure - Other