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Desktop war part 1

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Inspired by Animator vs. Animation, this is a long time project of mine from 2 years on and off animating. It takes a minute or two to get going but please keep with it! Also think I've ironed out most of the bugs XD its about 75% frame by frame animation about a computer virus in the form of stick men that attacks the user's desktop, whilst the user in a last pitch effort tries to prevent it by wiping them out :P Anyway I've had fun animating it, so I hope you enjoy it!

(There is no visible play button for the animation, just move your cursor to the center of the animation you should see the play button appear)
(sorry about the bad sound effects!)

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I wanna devise a virus

to bring dire straits to your environment.
crushing corporations with a mild touch.
trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus.

deathupon12 responds:

Thank you, wise words indeed :P


It's a decent little video. Although like several have mentioned an idea of Animator vs Animation. But you do mention that it was inspired by that. But since it wasn't an original idea I can't give you much in points. The sound matched nicely, but as for length even for a part 1, it's kind of short.

deathupon12 responds:

Thank you for your response I'm glad you think it's decent! Yeah it's not mine and I understand that, but it's not meant to be compared to animator vs. Animation, It's just my version of a desktop war but thank you!

Shame on the haters -_-

This flash was an excellent idea which never goes old... i have no idea what the previous people are on about.. "Remake of Animation vs Animator" although Animation Vs Animator was brillliant.. the creator of it doesnt own the concept of "Desktop Warfare"

Short loading time made it even better.. it was decent length

All i can suggest is you make more unique ways for the Cursor to fight back.. as throwin them around all the time got a tad bit repetitive :P

deathupon12 responds:

Thank you for your review, yeah I agree, but hey XD, it's subjective at the end of the day. I am trying to spice up the stickmen deaths, make new ways they could interact with the cursor etc.. So hopefully it won't get too dull!
Thank you for you comment!

not bad

but nothing fantastic;

next time:
- some of the frame by frame animation is a little choppy. its most noticeable on large monitors like TV screens.
- some of the scenes where a little slow. an action adventure should keep a good pace.
- if you want to take an idea and run with it, it's always best to be better then the original. if your not first, and not best, then you just come across as "another so-and-so"

that being said, cool idea.

deathupon12 responds:

Yes sorry the animation has a lot going on, this means lots of lag and that's why I could not animate the explosions at the intro of the animation. I am trying to reduce the effects without noticeable quality loss. It should be fine viewing it as it is in it's normal resolution, my computer is seems to run fine and it's very bad :p

About the pace yeah It does not have much fluidity, I was thinking that myself. I am trying to make it more appealing to watch!

About the desktop war idea, it's a very large topic, just because one animation has been made before mine and a very good one at that, doesn't mean I can't make my own version of how I think it should be, it's not meant to be based on the original it's the inspiration and enjoyment I got from others that I tried to recreate with this, and there are only a certain amount of ways that you can kill stockmen on a desktop XD

But thank you for your criticism I now have a clearer idea on how to improve!


I think this was great. It had great interactions and animations, but it wasn't long enough. Plus its not really an original idea since animator vs. animation was exactly like this. Nice job with it though! Keep it up and add some original ideas to it and it will be a great series. 4/5 8/10

deathupon12 responds:

Thank you for a vey positive comment! Yeah it takes a very long time to animate a film clip it was meant to be another two clips pasted on the end animated to make the desktop movie! But it takes a long time XD thank you for your support I'll will (slowly) animate the series XD

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2.62 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2011
5:49 PM EDT