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Zombie Outbreak 2

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Ambidextrous 5 Points

Kill 500 Zombies with Dual Pistol

Berserker 5 Points

Kill 250 Zombies with Axe

Cleaner 5 Points

Kill 500 Zombies

Devastator 5 Points

Kill 1000 Zombies with Missile Launcher

Gangbanger 5 Points

Kill 750 Zombies with Smg

Gatherer 5 Points

Collect 10000 supplies

Kensei 5 Points

Kill 250 Zombies with Katana

Marksman 5 Points

Kill 500 Zombies with Sniper Rifle

Pistol Expert 5 Points

Kill 500 Zombies with Pistol

Point Man 5 Points

Kill 500 Zombies with Shotgun

Psycho 5 Points

Kill 500 Zombies with Chainsaw

Pyromaniac 5 Points

Kill 750 Zombies with Flame Thrower

Rifleman 5 Points

Kill 750 Zombies with Assault Rifle

Trigger Happy 5 Points

Kill 2500 Zombies with Minigun

Disinfector 10 Points

Kill 5000 Zombies

Packrat 10 Points

Collect 50000 supplies

Exterminator 25 Points

Kill 10000 Zombies

Finder 25 Points

Find Every Biohazard Symbol

Scavenger 25 Points

Collect 100000 supplies

Survivor 25 Points

Escape from the City

Gunsmith 50 Points

Upgrade All Weapons to Level 5

Collector 100 Points

Complete All Achievements

Author Comments


I finally managed to put together my second zombie shooter. It's still not like I wanted, but the best I can do right now. I'm still learning how to code and coding and making graphics takes a lot of my time (although Flixel helps a lot). That's why this game lacks a story line and music. Hopefully I'll make the next one better and longer...

Its a simple top-down shooter with 10 levels, 3 challenges and 23 achievements.

Control the player with W,A,S,D or Cursor Keys.
Press SPACE at the exit sign to complete level.
Press 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 for firearms.
Press Z,X,C for melee weapons.
Press Q,E for previous/next weapons.
Press R for reload.
Press F to turn Flashlight on/off.

Aim and shoot with mouse.
Break the boxes and collect supplies.
Use supllies to upgrade weapons and buy ammo.

Each level's score will be added to your main score when you complete a level (if its higher than your previous score).
You can play the levels you completed to get more supplies.
When you unlock new levels, there will be more zombies in the previous levels. So you can get your main score higher.

If game is running slow, you can turn off overlay lighting effects to increase performance at the options screen.

I think that's all there is. I hope you like it...
And please give me some feedback so that I can make the next one better :)
Have Fun!

P.S: You can find the first game here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/542474 if you would like to compare.

Edit 1:
* Made walk speed faster
* Can run faster but for much shorter duration and regains stamina slower (hopefully balanced)
* Made upgrades cost a little less
* Removed unlock everything key since it was for test purpose only and I forgot it :)
* Made bullets a little faster

I will try to improve it more as soon as possible.

Edit 2:
* Now all weapons have unlimited ammo. Who would want to run out of ammo when there's a bunch of zombies around. What was I thinking.
* Supplies are now used to upgrade weapons only.
* Replaced bullet based shooting with instant shooting. Now shots are more accurate and faster. No more zombies dodging bullets.
* Simplified weapon upgrade screen. Who cares about weapon stats...

I hope you enjoy it. Please leave some feedback. Thanks!

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I don't really like the controls and I find it pretty much boring or just stale it needed more on hit effects and so many explosives and cars and all that but zombies come random that is good but I don't feel challenged

Everything about this game is pretty fun, except the 800 explosives every level. Exploding myself while running from zombies is the only way I die.

This is an awesome game We need more of this series

excellent game its a very adventours game

Just noticed I didn't play this game for a while. It got me entertained for a while. Too bad that the progress doesn't save for the Cleaner , Disinfector and Exterminator achievement.