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The Blobs Game

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A short game I made and the first that i've put online (i have made other but i haven't put them online as they weren't that good.)

The game is very simple just move with the arrow keys and avoid asteroids.

please post your reviews (good and bad. ) below
Also please tell me how you think i could improve it for my next game.

There is a slight secret on the title screen you can move the Blob with the arrow keys

Music by Dean Cutsforth (DeanCutty).

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Not very original, graphics could be better, but this is an ok game!


Okay I guess, though improve the character and I could give you a better rating.


- Make the character fit the music/other game entities such as the rocks. (Maybe make him/her/it 8bit or something..

-Give us more power ups, the only one I seen made the game a bit faster.

-More debris to dodge, not just rocks.

-Levels, Space, Planet Surface, Sun, Earth...Need I say more?

-Different characters?

-A weapon of some sort to upgrade during the course of the game would be nice; Ridding of Debris.

-An enemy perhaps, which we could shoot also.

You know, this sort of direction.

Good starting point but really think about what you could improve, play it yourself and think "What would people generally expect from a game" and then also think "What could I add to make this certainly unique".

Obviously making a game unique is hard these days, but the saying 'Unique' is not a directive to think you cannot bring ideas from others into your own (And please, don't just blatantly copy)

Take these into account, and you could have a decent game on your hands.


Colus responds:

i will try to do most of this in my next game thanks for the review it was very helpful

Needs Work

Needs Adding SFX and graphic improvement

Not bad

The Scoreboard could start a little further down so the high score isn't all up in the alien guys eyeball. for this game a looping background for the illusion of star movement would have been nice, especially if it was made to be slower then then asteroids to give the game a feeling of depth perception.

I feel like the player and asteroids should have been smaller so that going up and down would be reasonable and possibly even helpful to avoid the asteroids rather then just suicidal as the asteroids are coming to quickly to be anywhere but the button of the screen.

The ability to shoot the asteroids or even put up a shield for a limited duration would have been neat. all in all, it works, it's pretty fun and isn't half bad. Keep up the good work.