Troops Tower Defense

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Protect the planet from alien invasion, buy cannons, get money, make upgrades, win challenges, unlock achievements and be the best of ranking.

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well, graphics is bad, but still a good game

Good but..

Improve the..Aliens.

The overall style looks pretty bland.

The music is great though.

Perhaps give this a bit more of a serious style, steel plating and ammo belts over the HUD/control panel.

I could give you hand if you like.

Otherwise 9/10


Well, I would like to say a couple of things.
I believe this game is actually very good. I noticed it's of your first games to make, so that's why you have my respect.
Obviusly there is work to do in it:

-Graphics: they where good, for a first time defense game, but something you could improve as your "first-steps" is the enemies look, don't make them all the same with only different color, try different things, like facial expressions, shapes, "accesories", stuff like that.

-Difficulty: this one's important, the difficulty was low, at least in the first level. Now you may wonder why I didn't played the other levels, so this is the reason, the game is quite long AND repetitive, I cheated myself thinking that was the only level because of the amount and speed of enemy waves, but then I remembered the other 2 levels, so I didn't want to go through the same things again.
The way you upgrade turrets is good, also the mount of money you get per kill, although you could do one of these things to make it harder, reduce the amount of money per kill, or add more costs to the upgrades. And also you could give more turrest to the arsenal, maybe in a kinda "achievements" way.

-Map: they are very simple (at least the first 2), and very long because of the amount and speed of waves (again). I would highly suggest you create different kinds of maps to give wathever challlenge you wish to and add less amounts of waves to them, or speed them up, OR EVEN BETTER, make more than 1 entry for the enemies, that would improve things quite a lot.
As for sound, sorry, I can´t review it, since my computer doesn´t has sound and the headphones I was using suddenly broke T-T.

Well... let me think, I believe that´s all from me, I congratulate you very much for the job you did. I found it entertaining, the achievements thing is OK, and I totally recognize when someone tries to create something new, a new piece of work from ourselves, from our first-steps to the end, I'm no animator or programmer or anything, I'm just trying to be a musician, and I know what it feels to create new material when you beggin to work on your "office" or career or whatever you wish to call it.

Anyway, congratulations, and keep it up, always up.

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4.00 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2011
1:56 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense