Vulpin Adventure

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A little RPG where you guide your own customiseable Vulpin through various different environments, fighting monsters in one-on-one combat. Earn AP (Ability Points) for defeating monsters and apply them to your stats individually, allowing your Vulpin to grow the way you see fit. You'll acquire various new skills and quirky pieces of equipment on your journey.

The controls are entirely mouse-based. You can mute the game with the musical note icon on the title screen, or by right-clicking and selecting 'Mute/Unmute'.

This is the first proper Flash Game I've finished that wasn't just a for-practise minigame type thing. I did all the programming and artwork/animation. Pseudolonewolf composed the music specially for this game!


Some people have reported the game not starting properly or restarting repeatedly - I have no idea what would cause this since I don't experience it myself and wouldn't know how to fix it, unless it's a problem with your browser or Flash Player.

Guide for this Game - http://www.sabressanctum.
com/games/guides/vulpinad venture.php

UPDATE v 1.01
- Lowest damage amount now 1 to fix endless battles.
- Can no longer discard equipped items.
- Items can't be picked up until after vulpin 'victory jump'. Hopefully will solve 'stuck menu' problem.


Mindless fun

Run to the end and bonk everything in your path. It worked for the first Dragon Warrior, and it works here too.

I found a glitch that let me equip two attack equipments at once, but it felt like I was violating the spirit of the game.

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Fun, a little easy for a grinder.

I started playing this, and about 5 minutes in I felt like something was familiar. I checked down to see who made it, and who else do I see but Firequill and Pseudo. (The music is what was familiar, classic Pseudo)

As for the game, the items and descriptions are all funny, this is a great light game to play. It's not too challenging, yet you get invested enough to want to keep playing it.

Good job!

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A wonderful game! I was not expecting to come across something this good made in flash. It has its problems here and there, but I love it and give it a 10/10!

First of all, the style and idea are perfect. Your character is highly customizable and upgradable, which is a major part in making things fun. The music, scenery, and the adorable character are nicely blended together. The balancing is also well done, and you don't have to sit somewhere and fight for an hour just to get enough points to upgrade a skill (which I find annoying in many RPG games). There are also a load of items, and the game is pretty long for what you usually find in flash. Lastly, the game seems to have unlockable secrets alongside the main levels, even after you finish the game (I've yet to find most of them myself), which is another thing I appreciate.

On the minus side, there are a few things that sorta bothered me. One is that there's no keyboard control. I know it's intended to be playable with the mouse, but I would have liked it if both keyboard and mouse would have worked, for movement at least. It would also be nice if the world was a bit more complex... rather than running from one end to another, fighting enemies when they pop up, and rubbing objects to get items. More complex levels would rock :) It would also be nice if you could somehow replay the boss fights after defeating the bosses in each area.

Anyway, thank you for making this. And if a suggestion is welcome: Given the good quality of the game, I think it has a high chance of being even more awesome if it's continued. Like adding more levels, even more items, features, etc. Maybe give it its own website / forum and having a larger team to help (I seen flash games that do that). I'd love to see new updates in the future :)

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Awesome Game

Really fun and it's a cool game, I give 10/10


its a fun little rpg you got going here. i add it to my fav.

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Sep 7, 2011
4:29 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
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