Russian Robot Walk Cycle

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For the first project in my animation class I tried to teach myself how to make a walk cycle and I used one of my own characters to try it out with. Just my Russian robot on the moon. Eventually Ill probably get around to working on a whole story with him. Still thinking about what to do with it.

This was really just practice for getting used to Flash. Its not really suppose to be a big deal.


its a bit choppy. but...

its a bit choppy. but in its entirety, the skeleton of the storyboarding is quite clean [and cool.] .

Well animated!!!

I almost feel sorry for Russian robot guy.....he looks so sad staring at Earth.


Keep working on it

People in art/animation classes very often forget to write a story or a character for the audience to care about and instead pay attention only to the medium and the mechanics of animating. This generally leads to a visually stylistic but ultimately boring animation.

You, however, have the right idea. A robot walking around in a silly fashion on the moon is not trick, but the mysterious heart in his chassis protected only by cracked glass is a powerful image. This is especially true because the crack in the glass is overlaid the heart. The somber expression on the robot's face as it looks off to a distant and separated planet Earth portrays loneliness. That's an emotion we can all recognize and sympathize with.

The animation itself already looks great, though it is limited to the robot's walk. But with the care you put into the character design and story, I'm sure you'll be motivated enough to learn all the animation tricks and techniques you'll need to do the idea justice. Keep working on it and good work so far. 8/10, 5/5

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Sep 7, 2011
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