Monster Corp

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This Amazing zoo is holding monsters instead of lions and elephants. Its your job to find new monster specimens around the world. Trade in DNA samples and hatch eggs to create weird monsters that you can exhibit to the public. Build your own monster themepark with many upgrades, hire staff, and reach the monthly goals to stay in business.

Use your mouse cursor to play the game.
A,S,W,D key to scroll the screen


Awesome !

dunno why the others are getting problem with the money.. its just like you need to spam generate monsters lol.. then youll have thousands as early as the 2nd month.. anyways.. awesome game :))

Good Idea

Terrible execution. Sure, it seems like a fun game up front, but when you start playing, it gets incredibly difficult right off the bat. Your creatures die before you can get any real money to do anything, and you can't regenerate them without buying an egg, the act of which implies you can actually get enough money to buy the egg in the first place. Not a terrible game, just badly executed.

Good idea, bad system.

Good God. I love the idea and all but my God. You have no time at all to earn or gain money for your monsters. You have to let it set and build by that time your monsters are dead or you are out of business. It took me five years before I could even start a second monster and I still only had $30 left and then it died before I could even do anything with it. After 30 years I was able to make two monsters and had nothing to support them with. After three hours of gameplay it is more agrivating and frusterating because you always have no cash.


I think it is perfect game . I am just afraid i get excited to play more . Nice job

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LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you :)


You got me up till 1;30 am ... :-/
Well I guess its as good an endorsement as any

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LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you :)

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4.16 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2011
8:12 PM EDT
Simulation - Other