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Monster Corp

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This Amazing zoo is holding monsters instead of lions and elephants. Its your job to find new monster specimens around the world. Trade in DNA samples and hatch eggs to create weird monsters that you can exhibit to the public. Build your own monster themepark with many upgrades, hire staff, and reach the monthly goals to stay in business.

Use your mouse cursor to play the game.
A,S,W,D key to scroll the screen

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Many typos, which really get on my nerves when trying to read about a certain creature or place (especially the places) um, the screen fling glitch, and I have a currently invisible werewolf that refuses to let go of it's equipped item, won't die, and refuses to be sold... waste of a space...

i cant play the game because the loading screen wont load nor work for me :/ I have refreshed the page like 100 times and tried different websites...still didn't work but im realy interested in playing it


i really liked it, however i did have a few problems with it. for starters, the tutorial wasn't very informative. i had to learn pretty much everything by trial and error, but after a few minutes it wasn't so bad. the worst part by far was the glitching. go to feed an animal and go flying across the screen. and after i bought my third hall, the screen where i could send out an explorer glitched so bad that i had to refresh the page. still, i do like the game play and the concept. the monster designs are beautiful and very creative. i just wish it wasn't so buggy.

The game is... Alright. Interesting concept and a bit different from other zoo sims I've played. I hate, however, the fact that the screen jumps all the way to one side when I try to click on a monster to feed it or clean it... If that's a bug, it's an annoying one that needs to be fixed. The music is redundant and I'd prefer to keep it muted.

That and not being able to change the setting because you "can't stop time" during an Expo... But you can pause which is stopping time... Yeah, also annoying. 3 Stars