Sonic Ignition Ep.4 Act 2

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Yes, yes, it's been a whole summer. You've been biting, scratching and clawing, waiting for this episode to come out. Hopefully, you'll find that it's well worth the wait.

The Story So Far:

Things have been getting strange for Sonic and company since Sonic's Uncle Chuck died and left our hero practically everything. First, an oddball, photokenenetic (light bending) hedgehog named Ashura shows up and joins the party. Next, Sonic finds out his house sits on a nexsis and he gets himself half killed becoming the Nexsis Master! Then, Knuckles finds an ancient evil sealed in the Hidden Palace and, you guessed it, accidentally sets it free and gets beaten like a redheaded step-child!! What, oh what, could possibly happen next...?

These are the credits that roll at the end of Act 3, but I will list them here for Acts 1 and 2, in the name of good taste:

Written, Directed, and Produced By
Miss Danielle Freeman

Character Sprites By
Sonic...Clyent Nite
Tails...Clyent Nite
Knuckles...Veckles the Echidna
Shadow...Clyent Nite Ashura...Clyent Nite
Silver...Clyent Nite and Phoenix
Amy Rose...Gabriel aka. Frag
Rouge...Gabriel aka. Frag
Blaze...Andy Vader et. al.
Shade...Danielle Freeman
Wechina...Akuma the Hedgehog et. al
Master Key (M.C.)... Edited from Chocobo's Dungeon Carbunkle Sprites from The Shyguy Kingdom

Sheets Expanded with Sprites Ripped/ Furnished By
The Shyguy Kingdom
Ren "Fox" Ramos

Special Effects Ripped By
Gabriel aka. Frag

Sets Ripped By
Gamenerd Advance
Heavy Megatal

Custom Backgrounds and Props By
Danielle Freeman

Set Design
Danielle Freeman

Sound Effects
Shadowwaker15 and Shadefalcon

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Game Arts and Working Designs 1992-1999

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete
Game Arts and Working Designs 1994-2000

"Starlight Zone Theme"
Sega,1991 Guitar version Performed By
Danielle Freeman, 2010

Special Thanks To
Shadette, for the character design that inspired the series.

Shadowwalker15 and Shadefalcon, for showing me that I don't always have to "lone wolf" it.

Everyone who rips, creates, and posts sprites on the web.

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the dialogue was great and maybe you need to check the speeling because you spelt something wrong, also consider that you should make the word boxes time shorter because i practically read the samething over about 3 times, the music was great and your improving, good job!


But you moron.Shadow can use chaos control with one chaos emerald while knuckles cannot.Also why don't you speed up the text a little bit and try adding voice texts for instance shadow's chaos control,chaos blast and chaos spear and sonic can tell here I come now I'll show you, Sonic's the name speed is game and knuckle's humph i'm just warming up.So what ya say?

LycanDiva responds:

...Huh...? *quickly deconstructs the super-sentence*

O.K., let's see... First off, If you look at previous games, such as "Sonic 3 and Knuckles" and "SA2," Knuckles is capable of Chaos control. He is able to use the Emeralds to take on super form as well as commanding the power of the Master Emerald itself. So, yeah, it's perfectly logical that Knuckles would not only be able to use Chaos Control, but possibly be able to get more out of it than Shadow.

Secondly, I don't particularly like using the random voice clips from games. To me, zero voice acting is better than sporadic voice acting. All or nothing, as the saying goes.

i agree with everyone here...

i know that you worked hard on this.... but it just takes WAAAAAY TO LONG!!! the animation felt slow an uninteresting because we had to wait for the text to move on. and the ring button, you had to actually hit the ring. i don't thing that you added a "hit" area to that button. if you make the text move forward with the push of a keyboard key, then it might get a better score.

I couldn't force myself to sit through it.

My only constructive criticism is that if we are in control of when the NEXT text box comes up why the hell is there a delay between the text appearing and the ring? Not everyone reads at the same speed!

People who are slower will click slower, people who are faster will do the same, but you've PREVENTED me from moving at my own pace. Slowing me to a crawl?

Are you robotnik in disguise? It's so fucked for a SONIC movie/comic/thing to have a SPEED LIMIT! Remove it and I might even go back and watch the others.

Great art and use of sprites from older games, weird as hell story (from what I managed to read before giving up on the SLOW SLOW PACE!) but I'm sure it would make more sense if I saw the prequels. Please, fix this speed limit shit, it's so not cool.

LycanDiva responds:

This is actually the first episode with an actual button to advance the text, the other three episodes have text that moves forward automatically. I added the text advance button because I was actually getting complaints about my text moving too fast in previous installments.

There are actually two main reasons why I chose to place a delay between the appearance of new text and the appearance of the ring. The first was to encourage people to actually take their time to read the dialogue as if it were actually being voice acted instead of just "speed reading" through things and not really taking the time to relax and enjoy. Life isn't all about instant gratification, some of the best things in life can only be fully experienced when you slow down a notch.

Secondly, I wanted to make it "accidental double click" proof. I have noticed that sometimes in text based Flash animations, since the move forward button is always available, it can be quite easy to accidentally miss some dialogue if you accidentally click the mouse/space bar before you're actually ready to move on. Quite an inconvenience sometimes.

I guess you can't please everyone, though... And sorry, I'm not old Buttnik in disguise. I'm just a girl who prefers to stroll while the rest of the world goes power walking. Thanks for the compliments on the art and the story, though.

dude wtf

the text lasts too damn long man

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2011
5:37 PM EDT