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Coded Hallway 2

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After escaping from the Coded Hallway... What's this!? Another hallway? Very strange indeed. It's time to test your code cracking skills once again! Do you have what it takes to make it through the (second) Coded Hallway?

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What's the point in making us copy text and feed it into a binary translator? That's not a puzzle. That's just tedious work. But at least you let us copy that. The morse code was even more tedious. And then there was the code to room 2 that took forever. I mean, there's no point in decoding such long messages. Once we get the code, we've solved the puzzle.

Solved all three codes in the first room, but then got stuck on the sequence of 2-letter chunks and the sequence of 5-letter chunks.

Very difficult

It is a lot of fun but very difficult.