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Get started in the real estate business! Buy an empty lot, build your home, upgrade it and sell it for saving money. Find the most profitable way to sell your homes!


It's a pretty good game. Only critic I have is that you need to remove the locked items. You end up haveing to sit and wait for you to reach whatever mark needs to be hit to get more workers, new houses, etc. Everything should be available at all times. The only thing stopping you from progressing being money. if you don't have enough money, cant get it. if you have enough money, you can get it, period. other wise, it is quite fun.

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It was fun at first but then I ran out of stuff to pretty quickly. There is no indication of what the trophies mean. There is no indication of what houses might be good to build at any time. There is no indication of anything really. You just kind of blindly build bigger and bigger. Occasionally new stuff gets unlocked for some reason. You have to guess at which houses make the most money. And when you run out of lots, there is no indication of a winning condition or anything like that.Seems like a lot of detail was missed just to kick it out the door.


goodgame, keep it up some ppl dont like it i do keep it up!!!

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3.17 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2011
3:17 AM EDT
Simulation - Job