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Sonic scene creator 5

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There's not much to say but, I believe that this is an improvement over the last one, it has more content and a better interface.

anyways enjoy and don't forget to read those instructions :p


Here's some scenes I created cuz why not


Robotnik Wins

Robotnik created a trap for Sonic and friends so that when they try to fight him, the platform gets destroyed. The only survivors of this were him, Cream, and Rouge. Robotnik has won

Scene 2:

Too fast

Sonic goes too fast and all of his friends go back in time. The only way to get them back is to go back in time himself. There he finds all of his friends helped by Sonic 3 versions. This makes Sonic furious when they said they didn't need any help. Except for Knuckles, of course, he earned his Super form.


The Master Emerald is falling, and sonic attacked a sticky pole to it so he can go down with it. Sonic makes sure it lands in the spot it's supposed to and then it happens. Rip sonic.

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I like it

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Nice creator, but by this point why doesnt it have amy rose's classic form, it was 2011 so it wasnt acceptable, by 2009 people already had that done.

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What you need to add to the Sonic Scene Creator 6
1-Dark forms or Hyper forms (or Dark and Hyper forms)
2-Sega logo
3-More sprite of classic sonic, tails & KNUCKLES (or make a button for Classic Sonic, Tails & KNUCKLES)
4-More Objects
5-More location
6-Sprites of Sonic.EXE (if you want)
7-More Sprites of Shadow
8-More Super form sprites

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Good job

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