Benjamin Vs Nemesis

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This animation contains stick figures , If you dont like them. LEAVE.

Theres a goodie after the credits! Have fun! ;D


I seid to my friend that that the magician(sorry! I didn't know if he was benjamin or nemesis) would win and he did!(I GET 5 DOLLERS!)

Just think, Add flare and noone wins :)

nice magic trick bro


Concept: Stick flashes get a bad wrap. I appreciate in your comments that you confront that if people don't like them, they should leave. Stick figures themselves are like a genre here on newgrounds similar to any other genre (horror, comedy). The majority of stick figure fights on here are garbage. Kudos to you sir for making one that had good choreography and entertaining to watch.

Graphics: Good, of course it is a stick figure movie. Your background was good and I like how you did the sun.

Animation: Solid here. Great frame by frame action. I like how you utilized the background into the action and not making it just a dull picture. As I stated, the choreography was great.

Music: Very good choice. I saw that your inspiration was the song and helped you conceive the idea. I know how that is personally, I have some many flash concepts go through my mind when I'm listening to music. Great job on the center piece and the end credits. Good picks.

Overall: 9/10 - Great job by giving the viewer the details about the flash and your reason for doing it at the end credits. Also, it was cool that you completed the movie at the very very end. I was going to rate this lower until I saw the ending. Very cool. Keep up the good work.

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poppetje3D responds:

Dude , Thank you very much!
This is something I wanted to hear from someone!
This comment just motivates me to make even more!!!

i didt like it that much its ok


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Sep 5, 2011
3:57 PM EDT