Toys Vs Nightmares

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An image is worth 1000 words 5 Points

Bought the Illustrated book

Black goblin down! 5 Points

Destroyed an Aviator goblin

Dangerous literature 5 Points

Bought the Popup book

First time customer 5 Points

Bought a toy

Fuzzy but deadly! 5 Points

Bought the Kamikaze bear

It came from space 5 Points

Bought the Smart alien

Living life in the fast lane 5 Points

Bought the Toy car

More toys! 5 Points

Bought the first extra slot

My piggy bank has a full belly! 5 Points

500 coins in piggy bank

Reinforcements are here! 5 Points

Bought the Army men 2

Rest in pieces! 5 Points

Destroyed a Skeleton

Say hello to my little friend-in-a-box! 5 Points

Bought the Doom-in-a-Box

Slimerrific! 5 Points

Bought the Slime catapult

The fleet is ready! 5 Points

Bought the Pirate ship

The taller they are... 5 Points

Destroyed an Ogre

Toy warfare 101 5 Points

Completed the tutorial

Who you gonna call? 5 Points

Destroyed a Ghost

Cut the red wire! 10 Points

Destroyed a Bomber Goblin before it places the bomb

Even MORE toys! 10 Points

Bought the second extra slot

Found my nemesis 10 Points

Reached the Bogeyman's level

Is that all you've got? 10 Points

Destroyed a Bogeyman

Not so fast 10 Points

Destroyed a Big Bad Wolf before it jumps

Richest kid on the block 10 Points

1000 coins in piggy bank

They are not invited! 10 Points

Destroyed a Bogeyman before it can summon his friends

Toy empire! 25 Points

Bought every toy

Toy Master! 50 Points

Completed the game

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Sept. 6th - Reply to many comments below:
yes, we clearly inspired to Plants Vs Zombies: it's a so epic game!
PvZ evoluted the cell-board tower defence concept into a great gameplay experience.
Nothing to hide about our tribute to it.
Do you complain all FPS games inspired by Doom or Quake? Or RTS games following Command&Conquer or WoW/Starcraft?
Few gameplay genres divide videogames in categories. Then it's just an issue to be able to entertain players with new stories and fun :D
Xplored can invent something new (we did and we'll do with dozens games each year), but this time we just wanted to let you enjoy a free online game with a personal storytelling, inspired to a legendary title that ...btw my wife was playing on my iPhone that night below!!
So please guys enjoy our work and just have fun with us :D
Hi NG guys!
..All came to my mind during a night when my little son awoke frightened by his own nightmares... and I used his toys and some fantasy story to make him confident and sleep again :D
...What about you?
As a kid, have you ever been frightened by the nightmares popping out from your wardrobe?


This is shameful.

Saying you were "inspired" by something doesn't take away from the fact that you are ripping off the work of indy game developers and doing nothing to change it. Don't even try to compare this to having more than one FPS. Yes there are more than one tower defense games but not all of them are ripoffs of one particular one.
Quake and halo are different from doom in too many ways to list. This is just the exact same game and mechanics with different sprites. You are a vulture. It's bad enough that you are taking customers away from a game company that deserves recognition for a great ORIGINAL game but if you start putting in ads to make money of this, you are a thief. Just saying, I have seen that before on this site. Make something original and have some ads, perfectly fine. Rip someone else off and you are not making a tribute, you are a game design vulture and nothing more.

As for the game itself, not bad. I liked it....also liked it the first time I played it when it was called plants vs zombies.

Copy? So what!

My only criticisms are that the graphics become pixelated when I expand the game, the music becomes repetitive (easily fixed by muting then playing your own) and that it sometimes feels like I am forced to take a certain tactic - it needs a little balancing/tipping here and there to promote exploring different tactics.

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almost every thing work

it just the book you use don't give you the right time to make money what every to hlep fight them off fastl, but then that its a gaert game


This is just Plants vs. Zombies with a different theme. Don't expect me to think very highly if all you're going to do is rip off another developer's original game concepts and simply change out look. Being inspired by a game and copying it are two VERY different things.

Well it's obviously based off of plants vs zombies

In fact, I'm pretty sure that you unlock the characters in the same sequence as you would in it's more chlorophyll filled equivalent. But despite this arguably illegal copyright, nice work.

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Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2011
4:06 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense