Stop Smoking Crack!

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Wing, the Chinese singer (also known for her cameo on South Park) and wordsmith Rappy McRapperson take on the world in this daring, holds no bar music video. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stop the NONSENSE!

Download the song on iTunes today! (Stop Smoking Crack) or on Rappy McRapperson's site


Okay have fun!

Edit: I reuploaded this noticing a couple mistakes in the movie. Appearently the sound got messed up during this. It should be fixed when the file gets the go ahead


haha awesome animation goes well with the song

Man than though, different title would be better. Like stop the nonsense cause the stop smoking crack is the kicker of the song. Come into not knowing what the fuck is happening.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Yea I wanted to do this but I saw the name of the song on youtube and figured to just copy the title of that


this song is actually great on crack :S

It make me happy.

I cant say I LOVED the song, but it was very good. It showed a message to crack-heads all over Newgrounds. However, I did not like the pace of the song. It seemed to have no tune to it, like a peron who has never sang before forced to make up lyrics for bakground music. Then the rapping was just god awful.
I did enjoy the animation and moral, though.
"I'm not solid, I'm not a snaaakke. Whats up with thaaat??"

plz dont band me for this...

in put this on my FB to help out...
and in doing so my dad when to rehab and got all beter thank you!

CoolDrMoney responds:

lmao this is great!

im glad i used subtitles

you know when wing tells you to do something, you better listen to her

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CoolDrMoney responds:

I think the only way to listen to her IS through subtitles

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Sep 4, 2011
10:16 PM EDT
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