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Based on same concept first Soccer Power Shot (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/544162), this new version is almost totally new: new graphics, new musics, new physics engine...and over all, the map isn't "one only" like in first version, but it's random generated every time!
Hope you will like the improvements made in this version :), the game mantain the arcade style.
Highscores are supported, you have to be good and also a little bit of luck can help, some map could be easier than others ;)

Instructions for playing

The only control you've to use is mouse: click a first time when the arrow has the inclination you want for the shot, then click a second time when the bar reach the power you need.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will play the game and thanks also for eventual feedback and suggestions!

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I agree with the review below me.. could have been so much more but isnt.. The light posts are nigh impossible to get by up close and their isnt any point or purpose for me to WANT to come back to your game ever again, without a purpose or point its not really all that fun, Im kind of just thrown right in the middle of everything. Its not fun at all if you ask me.


I see so much potential in this game! Where are the upgrades, bonuses, things to collect, things to hit, things to avoid, achievments etc. etc. I don't even know where to start.

This could be such a great "tossing" game where you could lose hourse playing it. Instead, you decided not to develop it any further and so it stayed average. There is a ton of stuff you could add to make the gameplay more exciting and addicting, e.g. some PowerUp that, when you hit with the ball, gives the ball rocket speed and the power to smash through everything for a short distance. Buyable upgrades (more shooting power, ball strength to smash objects etc.) would be really great. Give the game a goal, a checkpoint every here and there. This is how an addicting game with a high replay value is done.

The way you did it is.. somehow not that entertaining. Too much wasted potential in my eyes.

Brolyweb responds:

Hello Dangerous Detlef,
thanks for your feedback, I'm sad you didn't like the game "too much", but I thank you a lot for the detailed explanation of the reasons you "semi-disliked :D" the game and hints for improve it, I'll keep your feedback in consideration for an eventual next version :)

This game rocks

I think this game is great is great and fustrating at the same time. The character designs are nice but why doesnt afro have an afro xD? Anyway great game and hope to see something else.


its okay.. but it gets boring after a few mins..

all you do is kick and hope your ball does not hit anything.. btw kicking higher for me is better than kicking it lower..

worst place that your ball can be is, that there's a freaking trash pole dump etc in front of it.. minus 1 ball kicking when it goes there..

He goes for the kick...

AND HE GETS SH*T ON! overall pretty good, needs more power-up options, very addictive. 8/10

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2011
4:19 PM EDT
Sports - Soccer